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Wednesday, June 04, 2014


On 30th May - 2nd June 2014, NTGravity Zone (under Sarawak Bloggers community) was invited by Sarawak Tourism Board to attend a festival held in Ba’ Kelalan. The festival is well known as Irau Aco Lun Bawang. This year theme is “Do Ruyud, Pupu Megala” [Union cohesive, dignifying Nations – i hope i got it right. As in Malay | Kesatuan yang Padu, Memartabatkan Bangsa]

On 30th May I’ve started my journey...

Fly from Kuching to Miri.

I'm going to Miri... yayyyy!!!
After an hour flight, yes i'm here! 
In Miri I’ve met Sarawak Tourism Board’s representative, Amirul who will accompany me to Ba Kelalan, before takeoff to Limbang..

Even via Twin Otter plane but Thank you Sarawak Tourism Board...!!

That's my ride...
Bismillah... Itadakimasu~
Ahhh... what a lovely sight...
Sweet!! Touch down right in front of the airport!
From Limbang, we met Rona Sultan (from Heart Of Borneo Tours & Travel) and Wan Ahmad (from Ministry of Tourism Sarawak) for a quick lunch before proceed our journey to Lawas by car. It is very fascinating trip because I had the opportunity to see Limbang town, a little bit of Brunei before entering Lawas town.

Queue up to check out...
I have a funny story about this passport... *Thank you Hisyam from Sarawak Tourism Board!!*
Going out from Malaysia... for awhile...
First two stamps on my passport... Hopefully many more to come in the future!!
Back to Malaysia again... LoL
Huge promotional banner in Lawas town
For this upcoming 27th annually festival, for the first time it will be held outside from Lawas town and most probably will rotate among the Lun Bawang major villages in the future. I am so lucky to be here!!

Around 3.15pm as we reach Lawas, the four of us will ride a 4wd vehicle to go to Ba’ Kelalan. There are three options to reach Ba’ Kelalan – drive yourself, by using twincab 4WD or fly off by using MASwing.

Me with my ride....
Our ride to Ba' Kelalan

* MASwing – fly to Ba’ Kelalan from Miri/Lawas only once every Monday,Wednesday and Saturday.
* Twincab 4WD – RM70 per person [per way], every day. Call 085-262019 for more info [Pejabat Persatuan Lun Bawang]
* Self-drive – recommended to drive 4WD with off-road tires.

It’s gonna take around 5hours from Lawas town to Ba’ Kelalan [approximately 180km] as the road is unpaved and heavily used by timber logging trucks. The rules for off-road are different.  For this event the organizer will conduct road safety briefing before flag-off the convoys to Ba’ Kelalan on the 30th May at Lawas Bus Station.

For us, we have our pro, Brian, to drive us straight to Buduk Nur [ where most of the main event will be held ].

According to Brian [ our driver ], this is the best condition so far but if it's rain, be prepared for the worst! 
Can you handle it?
Wooohooooo, adventure begins!!

Welcome to Ba' Kelalan.. This place is called Damaring from here onwards the temperature starts to drop low..
The road to Buduk Nur. 
Short clip of the road condition...
Once we reach Buduk Nur, it is already night and cold – so after dinner [courtesy by Pak Yudan's Homestay], Amirul and i – check in at Apple Lodge.

Check in

That's us...
Eventhough i’m not driving but its surely drained up most of my energy...

After settle in my room, unpacked my stuff, gave myself a good cold shower before taking my beauty sleep... Can’t wait for tomorrow!

Later you all... Lights off soon!!

NTGravity : My inaugural blog entry from the highland....

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