Final Meet-The-Media Session with Datuk Torstein

Friday, October 21, 2016

Last week NTGravity Zone (under Sarawak Bloggers Society) is invited to attend a Meet-The-Media session with Datuk Torstein Dale Sjoveit as he will be leaving Sarawak Energy Berhad (SEB) end of October.

The 61-year-old Norwegian's position will be succeeded by Sarawakian Sharbini Suhaili, 53, currently vice president for health, safety, security and environment (HSSE) for Petronas group.

Meet-The-Media Session with Datuk Torstein at Menara Sarawak Energy last October 13

During this session Datuk Torstein briefed all the things that has achieved or not after seven years with SEB.

This includes increasing the number of sales of SEB energy up to 120 percent, while the company's revenue jumped more than 70 percent and pre-tax profit increase of 75 percent.

At the same time, energy theft rate was reduced more than half the power distribution network to occur efficiently and smoothly.

Sustainability Report 2014 that give as much information needed. 
I personally love that photo!

Their commitment to the enviroment as for children's future.

Giving back to society, shows here for literacy program and how many are now literate in rural area are pretty awesome!

Sarawak Energy trying their best to improves both SAIFI and SAIDI 
They have team to prepare for emergency and closer inspection of the affected area by deploying drones to gather more visual information. This is to minimise the time to search, repair and restore whenever needed.

A gorgeous Menara Sarawak Energy, the first green building in Sarawak. 
...innovative insulation methods and water features keeps the building cool resulting in less energy consumed for air-conditioning while a clever use of skylights and reflector makes full use of natural lighting to illuminate the various part of the building right down to the car park.
- Sarawak Energy | Sustainability Report 2014 | P.24 

Murum Dam

Improving the quality of life for the resettled communities. 
At the end of 2013, all 353 Penan families were succesfully relocated and their new home are equipped with proper living, cooking and toilet/shower spaces and access to modern infrastructure such as electricity, clean water supply and other amenities.

During a final Q & A session, one of questions to Datuk Torstein is regarding his opinion about small dam in Sarawak, his answer is simple - 

'Very Good Idea...'

'....if we all willing to pay two Ringgit Malaysia per kilowatt power'...

To his opinion small dam is not creating affordable energy or equivalent job opportunities and mini hydros only providing powers approximately 9 to 10months per year so it's better to have bigger dam that can provide more and affordable.

When asked by the media about his future after SEB. He replied that he probably do some advisory jobs next year but first, he wanted to go back home (Oslo, Norway) and spend time with his family and friends. He is also about to have his third grandchildren very soon.

He told media that first thing that comes in his mind when asked about what he love most surely is Sarawak Laksa and of course working with SEB. He also love the openness and the friendliness that people in Sarawak gave to him all these years, through thick and thin.

Lastly he wish that SEB will keep on growing and continued success under the lead of new CEO in November.

Datuk Torstein selfie with the media.. yayy i'm in the newspaper... hahaha...
| Credit to The Borneo Post [LINK]

Selfie with CEO of Sarawak Energy Berhad.

Group photo with Datuk Torstein and Khairool, my fellow blogger.
 Thank you Sarawak Energy for having us and also the yummy lunch treat...

Khairool choice for that day... Salmon.

Chicken for yours truly... hehehe...

Two happy campers.
We at NTGravity Zone would like to wish Datuk Torstein joy and happiness as he will begin another new chapter in his life. 

Read Khairool's story about this event [ HERE ]

NTGravity : Every ending has new beginning...

Anyways, if you would like to try the food above - you can head up to Menara Sarawak Energy's cafeteria. Look for Miss Yunizar, she's the chef... and my best friend. *wink wink*

p/s : menu subject to availability.

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