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Monday, October 24, 2016


Still thinking where to eat...? 

Try Nando's now available at The Spring, Kuching. 

NTGravity Zone was there last week [Oct 16] for a lunch treat...

Nando's at Vivacity Megamall, Kuching was my first experience, i didn't know that each one of their restaurants has its own layout, but all outlet will have their South African - Portuguese heritage.

....so it's time for you to give another look aight..?

If this is your first time, no worries it's very easy to order. Usually crew will assist you...

I fall in love with layout - very cozy and comfy just by looking, what more if you lepak and onom nom in it.

Fino for Posh... 

3 new in the Fino side menu that you can choose and of course you can also have them as an add-on... 

need a reason for your 'cheat meal'? opt for spinach side. 
Sweet Potato Chips for a change as its also very delicious..

Chicks need to pose for photoshots.. 

Main event... The flame-grilled chickens

I usually order Mild and lower as my base sauce but today yikesss... hahaha 

They have the all level-sauce[s] that might suits your palate...

Mr Very Spicy Tolerance... from Hot sauce to Extra Hot.. 
In terms of seating, you may sit anywhere you like...

Probably by the window...

Or.. cozily round table with nice chandelier...

something like this..

or you can just sit with your whole clan at this very long table [ can fit 12 person ]

sweet indulging caramel cheese cake... pair very well with black coffee for me...
Selfie with one of my favourite cheese dishes... hahaha

Thank you for the gifts.. cant wait for my next trip to Nando's...
Dont forget to instal Nando's app in your mobile and start collecting 'Chillies' everytime you visit their outlet. You also can easily check out their menu and price.

NTGravity : Never be bored with chickens... and still hoping to try they hummus one day...


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