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Friday, February 24, 2017

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For #ProjekTidoLuar this time, we choose Grand Dormani Rajah Court Hotel. It's been my personal goal to stay here since the hotel under named 'Rajah Court' [which later named under The Regency Rajah Court and now under new management and rebrand to Grand Dormani Rajah Court Hotel.

Check in is at 1400HRS and Check Out time is 1200HRS.

Room rate is RM125, no deposit required. It's not the cheapest room for this hotel but since that I'm fancied to stay at one of their 'chalet' room for long time so... yeah. 
The room rate is inclusive breakfast for one person and every subsequent breakfast are available with extra charge.

Hotel sign by the main road.
Just done with my check in.

About the hotel :

~> Reception Counter - depends on where you park your car but it is easy to located and 24hours.

~> Parking - it's quite spacious.

~> Daytime - lots of coffeeshop opposite the hotel or walking distance - closing time around 9pm to late night.

~> Not located nearby Kuching city center.

~> Opposite to another hotel - Penview Hotel.

A good place to stay if your concern are below :
~> Puspakom
~> Maybank ATM
~> Borneo Convention Centre
~> Sarawak Energy Berhad
~> Kuching Mail Centre | Pos Malaysia Berhad
...just to name a few...

For festival-goers escpecially to Rainforest World Music Festival and cant get room any closer to the venue. It's either opt for city-center or homestay, you too, can opt to stay here if you have transport.From this hotel you need to do u-turn and crossover the Tun Salahuddin Bridge which is much nearer to go to Sarawak Cultural Village.
--- My Personal Opinion ---

If you want to stay here, you can request for Rajah Room.
Path to mi casa for one night.
In the room
Desk with complimentary coffee and tea maker.
About the room [Rajah Room] :

~> Clean room with Day and Night curtains, although the room seems exhausted from it's glory time, hopefully it will be refurbish.

~>  For Muslim - Kiblat are located on the ceiling.

~> The room size - spacious.

~> Basic amenities for toiletries - towels, soap, shampoo, shower cap.

~> Coffee and Tea facilities

~> Air conditioner is working although very old looking.

~> A small working table cum vanity table

~> A nice size cupboard with hangers. Iron and extra pillows can be requested.

~> Power socket - very limited - luckily i bring my own multiple power adapter [which nowadays is an essential]

~> Although our room is nearby the main road but it's not that noisy at night.

~> Room service menu available.

The hotel just recently refurbished most of their rooms except for the chalet room [as per this entry] but it's acceptable to me.

Selfie with day curtain on.
Believe is loving the garden view.
The hotel view
Flower facing the reception counter.
Directions to banquet hall, room or prayer hall.
Resort-feel-alike when you need some time out even in the city.
Dinner OOTD, Thanks to my bestie for this.
Only one coffeehouse - The White Rajah for this hotel but they are quite known for their banquets hall available events or meetings.

To The White Rajah aka the coffee house..

Sarawak became a British protectorate in 1888, ruled by the Brooke dynasty. The Brookes ruled Sarawak for a hundred years known as "White Rajahs".
Lovely paintings...
Yun pose with Sir James Brooke, The first Rajah of Sarawak [1842 - 1868]
Spacious coffee house, loving the dining placemats...
Our dinner for two - soup, butter chicken, mix vegetable, garlic beef  and plain rice.
Simple but filling.
We didnt get to see any of their menu and we didnt even go see their buffet spread that night. After done dinner and Thank God no more rain, it's time to head back to our room.

Oyasuminasai desu~💞!!
°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸( ☆,.-~*’¨¯¨’*·~-.¸-(★ _ ★)-,.-~*’¨¯¨’*·~-.¸☆ )°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸

Get up early as my bff will go off soon to work. After done bye bye bye to Yun, Believe and I went back to sleep...

Good morning... again!

Breakfast :
~> Just enough to start your day

Coffee and Tea, Cereals and Juices
Bread Station
Assorted Fresh Fruits and Salad Bar
Pool side
Morning selfie.. while eating alone...
The coffee house at 9am.
DIY station - Laksa Sarawak
The choice is yours...
Egg Station... 

Around 11am, we checked out from the hotel. The check out process is simple, you need to go back to the reception counter and return your key. They will print out receipt for you.

Will looking forward to stay at their standard room or at their sister hotel, Dormani Hotel which located at city center.

Grand Dormani Rajah Court Hotel
Website [ Link ]
Address :
Lot 6115, Seksyen 64, Jalan Tun Razak,
93450, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
Contact : +6082 484 799 
Email : gdrajahcourt@dormanigrouphotels.com

NTGravity : Any hotel room that use fairy lights? Or with garden that have fairy lights? So crazy for it!

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  1. Nice buffet with diy laksa sarawak. Not every hotel in kuching has the idea to do this. I'm gonna go to this hotel for the buffet.hehe

    1. Mister Zarif,
      that's true though... sometimes i do expect local food when going outside Sarawak but then again... kat luar hotel probably served wayyyyyy more authentic... hehehe...


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