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Friday, September 15, 2017


All Sarawakians [raised in Sarawak, even in rural towns such as Mukah, Kapit and my own kampung - Saratok] would have gone to SugarBun. The first succesful Sarawakian home grown fast food franchise since 1979.

I still remember that yummilicious vanilla milkshake at Kuching Plaza one time ago. Up to now SugarBun are amongst the fast food joint i still love to go especially for the burgers. [Take Note: I'm a Burger Enthusiast, burger πŸ” always priority in my food choice.. LOL πŸ˜€]

SugarBun Burger selections... 
This year's Malaysia Day, SugarBun proudly launches its magnificient "Truly Malaysian Combo" which will fit snugly into the lifestyle of fellow Sarawakian and East Malaysian alike starting from today [15th Sept 2017] onwards [ until 15th Oct 2017]
Mr Jason Ho [Marketing Manager of SB Supplies & Logistic Sdn Bhd] brief us on the promo.
Varities of combo sets which includes individual meal, for two and a family combo [combo 3]. 
Combo 1 [RM10.90]

1 - Nasi Lemak Classic
1 - SugarBun's very own famous Broasted Chicken [pieces]
1 - Premium 3 Layer Tea.

Combo 2 [RM28.90]

1 - Nasi Lemak Classic
1 - Asian Claypot Curry Chicken [with fragrant rice]
2 - SugarBun's very own famous Broasted Chicken [pieces]
2 - Premium 3 Layer Tea.

Combo 3 [RM69]

1 - Kano Meal
1 - Nasi Lemak Classic
1 - Asian Claypot Mushroom Chicken [with fragrant rice]
2 - Large Fresh Pickles
5 - SugarBun's very own famous Broasted Chicken [pieces]
5 - Premium 3 Layer Tea.

Food sampling session. 
Nasi Lemak with 1 piece Broasted Chicken
NTGravity : Sambal Nasi Lemak - not that spicy, i like it. Love the chicken, oh-so-juicy and crunchy Broasted Chicken! Subarashi~!!
[Side Story] Craving for crunchy-and-yet-juicy chicken for sometimes now ever since i've watched this | Credit to Matt Stonie Youtube at HERE

Premium 3 Layer Tea.
NTGravity : My forever favourite local tea beverage. Also known as Tech C Peng Special in local term.. hahaha

Teh C Peng = Teh + evaporated milk + Ice
Teh Peng = Teh + condensed milk + Ice
Teh O Peng = Teh + Ice [No Milk]

There... you just speak my local slang... Good job! πŸ‘πŸΌ

with my fellow bloggers.. 
Kano Meals serve with specialty sauce - Pedas or Satay 
Asian Claypot Chicken Mushroom
NTGravity : My usual order in SugarBun, soup goes nicely with fragrant rice. Not the plain soup, okay?
Asian Claypot Curry Chicken
NTGravity : Different style of curry yet still yummy. Comes with potato cubes and served with fragrant rice too.

Try it now people... From 15th Sept to 15th Oct 2017 and available to all East Malaysia except airports outlets.

To read about it from my other fellow bloggers [follow them too] click

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NTGravity : Selamat Hari Malaysia. Negaraku Sehati Sejiwa! *fist bump please* πŸ‘ŠπŸ½

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    1. you're welcome... yup, already tried it after that with my family...


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