2 Weeks After Infection....

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nope... i didnt turned into a zombie.. (Thank you, The Mercy Allah!!)

...but it never cease my craziness about that game (Left 4 Dead)... and that's not what i want to tell you all in this entry..

(maybe next time... hehehhe)

(:::[ ]:::) 27th April 2010 (:::[ ]:::)

Since the morning i was sneezing rapidly.. not sure what cause it. By evening, it getting worse... due to upcoming event (One of biggest event in my life! Click
Here to know more...) i've taken 2 nos of paracetamol and go to sleep.

(:::[ ]:::) 28th April 2010 (:::[ ]:::)

Wake up around 5am. After take a leak, tried to sleep back but suddenly my right arms feels numb.. or like muscle cramps... After awhile, my left arms started to feels the same.. I dont know what actually is happening to me and there's no one around (home alone for 3 days...) so with all my strength that i got left - refresh myself, tidy a bit the house and drove myself to the hospital..

First check out (at something called triage - sorry i'm not familiar with medical things or places). The 1st diagnosis told me - i got really high fever and i have to go for the next area (this is to identify which 'Zone' level the sickness are and for them to identify of how to act after that - i think red for REAL emergency... i dont know... )

This is where a girl doctor/ medical examiner / medical assistant asking me a funny but
IRRITATING question...

Before that, Just to buy your time... *Ngeeehehehhe~*

(this is based on my own experiences...)

"After this, take a good rest or sleep. Sorry? No, no, i wont give you sick leave. You are able to work what..."

"It's called 'Muscle Cramped' on your head... No, no, it's not a migrain.. Yes, i'm positive unless if...It's painful...? Feels heavy...? Nausea...? 'Berdenyut - denyut'...?"

"Sure ah you're sick??"


*♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸Drum roll please...¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪*


1. "Yesss... Ada apa awal - awal pagi sudah datang ke hospital?" ("Yesss... Is there anything you need, for coming very early to this hospital?")

Funny right? Yes it is... and IRRITATING TOO!

...seriously this lady need to go for hospitality subject...

and luckily my both arms are sleeping.. i'm surely want to whack her a bit.. or melee??!! (seems that we're in L4D mood...LOL) I mean, i'm not feeling well, some part of my body is not co-operate with me... and she can just ask that kind of question? HA HA HA... HAH!!

...or you have way better than mine? Please do share...

After that, my blood pressure and temperature are taken again.. Yay~!! More 'ice cream' sticks... This time more serious movement happen. Going for X-ray. My blood sample is taken. My fever is still high too, they told me that I'm admitted but on Isolation ward for ILI (Influenza Like Illness). Started with Tami-flu and IV is punched in my wrist. O2 given half and hour afterward. Awake few hours later, it's already 9 or 10am.. then i realize my boss and my family didn't know the news. After few text messages back and forth - I'm already at the Isolation Ward. The moment i step in (yes, i still manage to walk even the nurse insist me to sit in the chair or stretcher) i saw 2 or 3 nurses in hurry do this and that, i thought there's emergency or something but actually to get ready my area.

For Isolation Ward..urmm, well.. as it's named already.. so yes, all patients is in individual room. Mine was Room number 6. From that moment, i face a new experience in my life... Hospitalized!

Every an hour a nurse will came in and take a drop of my blood to check my sugar level.. There's more bag with clear liquid hanging above me... Something was clipped on my finger... (i think it's to monitor my oxygen level) and More blood sample taken.. My throat has been invaded by a swab (to test for H1N1). Very very painful experience. I cant have any visitor - cant even eat yet.. instead i only drink plain water for the first 24 hours.


Seems that the room was freaking quiet - sleeping is the only solutions.

(:::[ ]:::) 29th April 2010 (:::[ ]:::)
Still on treatment as ILI patient. One of most painful experience was when the Anti-biotic is injected through the IV tube... Perrggghhh~ and of course when they need to check my sugar level they have to pierced a needle to get a drop of blood... If once, i can deal with it.. but if every hour?? one from 6 of my fingers in every hour? Can't lied to say it Does hurt!

As myself, i just kept praying to Mercy Allah that my H1N1 test will turn negative and increased health.

Alhamdullillah it's getting better i presume - oxygen tube was taken away. Less liquid enter my body. By evening, my throat swab result came out negative. Thank you, Allah!!! Even the nurse who told me the news also was very happy because ever since she took care of me, she have to take very good precaution on herself.

Then it's started to get better, i can start eatting. Thanks to my mum, even she cant meet me - she still send some books for me to read. Yet, i did cried - when doctor told me that i wont be able to discharge soon, i was frustrated. I couldn't go for my vacation with my best friend, there's no chance to attend concert that I've had longed and looking forward to go.. and worst case scenario - I MISS MY MUM! (it's been 4 days since the last time i saw my mum...)

That night, there's still nothing i can do but read and sleep.

(:::[ ]:::) 30th April 2010 (:::[ ]:::)
More good news. Officially H1N1 free. My fever now gone. Blood pressure - normal. My ECG - normal. Only left my sugar level still high but i can discharged today! Yay, in addition of my good news - i don't need to quarantine myself.. more yay!!

By 4.30pm i'm out of there..!!

(:::[ ]:::) Treated Well (:::[ ]:::)

I'm so thankful to all staff nurses especially whoever involved in
Room 6 on 28th April 2010 until 30th April 2010 for taking very good care of me. Always give me hope to recover.. Also goes to Doctor Rashid. Friendliness did touched my heart dearly..

I remember i once asked one of the staff nurse their name, she suddenly turned animated. Imagine a stranger covered in a lots of plastic apron and outfits, latex gloves, masked face and medical hair cap - invaded your room, taking your blood... Alienated? LOL... That's why she suddenly became animated.., laughing for not introducing herself... After that, i kept asking for other nurses that took care of me.... but I've forgotten... Lalalala~♥

(Picture of my sister...)
So in conjuction of Nurses' Day.. I would love to extend my Thank You to all Nurses in the world - especially to my sister (she is a Staff Nurse too) and Nurses that took care of me...

 ✿ .:*(:::[ ]:::) Happy Nurses' Day!! (:::[ ]:::) * ✿ .:*

Your kindness and tenderness care is never repay! Keep up the good work! (Not dedicated to the opposite nature)

Thank you once again!

NtGravity: try to take care of my health... i hope~

(:::[ ]:::)


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