Anti Gravitying at Double Trouble

Sunday, May 09, 2010

 (Credits: To Mohd Zaidee Suman of DuniaSearch (Laman Eksklusif Peminat Kumpulan Search)

\m/(>.<)\m/ I love Search... I love Wings... \m/(>.<)\m/

Since i was a little girl until now (i'm 30....) i've been listening to their music.. I didnt have the chance to buy most of their albums (well i'm not money independence yet, got to borrow from friends...but when i've had growup it's kindda too late...) but i've still listened to all of their songs. Although i've grown to be a normal soft-hearted woman i know i am a Rockers at heart... hahahaha...

I started to admired Search from their "Langit dan Bumi" album.. and my favourite was the "Fenomena" album.. a real phenomenon!! While Wings, i started to know them by their "Belenggu Irama" album.. but my favourite of all time was the "Jerangkung Dalam almari"....

i've met Amy Search and Awie Wings at separated occasions and heard them both sung but....

...i never been to any of their concerts.... i never been to A concert even...

...ok i lied.. first concert was KRU (AWAS tour) but that's a different story...

\m/(>.<)\m/ ~ By Passing My Head ~ \m/(>.<)\m/

It all started spontaneously..., i'm planning to celebrated my 10years friendship with my friend... thought of a vacation together in Kuching only so i've started to surf in the net of hotel or places that might interest me. Come across to a forum name "Lagenda Rock Online" - read about a concert that will be held on the 1st May... Instantly i made up my mind... well it's a Double Trouble concert after all!! Both of us loves it so it might a great experience...

Bought the concert ticket 10days before the date and waited patiencely...

Imagine..., 3 days before the concert - i was admitted to hospital due to high fever (no worries i'm negative of H1N1 and more story about it here) - i was almost giving up by asking my sister to offered the ticket to anybody interested to go... Luckily i am ok and was discharged 3 hours before departure time~! I personally think it because of my high spirited to go this concert...hahaha~! Actually thanks to Allah SWT for listening to my prayer....


\m/(>.<)\m/ ~ The Concert... ~ \m/(>.<)\m/

i've planned to be there as early as 5pm.. thought that will be just the two of us (LOL that is so naive thinking...) Certainly we are not alone... Hundreds of people are already there.. Cars parking along the main road are the witness... (Anyways thanks to my sister for dropping us there...)

 Dont know what to do first.., so we just go and grab some t shirt and tag... merely as souvenirs...

After more than 20mins later we are allowed to enter the indoor stadium... (actually after we've finished our burger by force, seems that "outside food and drinks" are not allowed to bring in... also umbrella and camera... BUMMER!!)

i can proudly say that we are amongst the 'early bird' that grab the front seats... yep, the area that close to the stage... thanks to my friendly mouth - made a few friends in there...

 Dj Isma Halil Hamzah was on duty - thanks to him - it seems worth the wait... hahahah... if not, we probably already start to move away or grab some more food and risked our 'hot seats'.. lalala~♥ (BUT why the camera keeps focusing on beautiful woman.. so, ugly woman like me doesn't stand a chance laa??!!! LOL...)

 Anyways... after 7pm, crowds are multiplying... suddenly everybody stand up - so till then we started our standing position - temperature rising, situations getting more packed, chest is getting tight ('thanks' to whoever smokes after that...) My wish to do a Mexican Wave with my friend came true when more people tried to join the standing crowd and pushing back and front.... Honestly, i was a bit regret due to this situation... but when the first guitar solo came in... the lights are dimmed i know it's worth to be in the seas of people...

 After the curtains falls - more people starts to rush in front which very very uncomfortable (well nothing comfortable in concert i've learned about it on first time... hahahaha)... I've parted from my friend (whom at the same time flirting with a guy.. hahaha...) so, here i am on the other side of people when My favourite song,"Gemuruh" is started!! I sang along out loud carelessly. (carelessly in terms of dont care what people next to me thinking.. hahaha...) Only managed to shoot a video on this song.. i couldn't take risks when people started to jumping and pushing...

Search start off with "Paranoid Android" and "Analogi 0.1"... Perrgghhhh~!!! Felt like the good ol' days!
after that, Wings take over and sang "Puisi Merdeka" and "Gema Di Inderaloka".. i've sing along like there's a 'karaoke wordings' in front... LOL... not forgeting head banging and do 'Bird Flying' gesture after that....

(also kept on bumping elbows or other part of anatomy to people surrounded me but all forgiven easily... i remember a guy - he bumped his hand on my head - makes me lagged for few seconds LOL... but it's ok.. So kind we are, yes? Hopefully it will be practise outside of arena... :) )

Too bad, i'm still in bad condition (recovery from my almost H1N1 fever) and somebody way bigger than me has overtake me and block my view ever since... After Wings played the "Alam Barzakh" song - we have to swim out from the area... way out until outside of the concert... LOL~!! the moment i reach the outter side of arena - phewww~!! fresh air!!! No more tight chest! (and vow to help keep the air clean next time... hahahaha)

Nope. No regret there.. Even though we just listening from outside the arena but we have no regret at all for not being in until the end... it's better than passed out inside... Beside meet more new friends whom also a big fans of the two legends..

While at it - i've signed up for Wings Fan Club and grab more drinks (which my mistake at first...) Sitting at the car park while chitchating with other fans and sometimes sing-a-long again on medleys (Anyway..,some of the fans are unfortunate - not even have the chance to enter the arena..)

15mins before the concert is done - we've already at the entrance gate to go home.... and waited for our ride home (tried to get a taxi was a 4stars difficulty...hahahah)

....once get into our room, both of us are too exhausted to even talked about it... hahahaa~ take a raincheck and postponed it on breakfast..!! that's how low our energy are...

\m/(>.<)\m/ Overall - on my view \m/(>.<)\m/

I can't comment of how skilled the other band members of Search and Wings because i am not a musician and didn't see most of it..but i know i love the music they've played - although i've heard on earlier songs - something like overrun music plus Amy seems to forget some lyric which doesn't matter to me.. we're human and tends to make mistake...

Awie should gets more credit for his voice and showmanship.. which i kept thinking that he will not make it to the high notes (due to his physical change and his twice tonsil's surgery) but he DID IT! and did it really good... eventhough i'm sitting outside, i've heard him clearly (clearly?? LOL...) and i was turned back time when i heard him sang most of Wings songs... Hail to Awie~!!! *love you, bro...♥*

For Amy, i got no doubt on him plus i can proudly say on his fifties he still got the energies to rock on the night like he was 17yrs before. Salute~!!! *love you too, bro♥*

To both of band members also should be acknowledged too for the great music.. and finally both bands should be given a huge applause and standing ovation (which they already got it for the last 2 and plus hours by the fans...) Sorry to say to the other concerts that night... Legends will always be the Legends...

Oh yeah, please next time - not this venue... too small for 20k people and the ventilation and airconds or fans seems not doing it best and the location, well, i'm from Kuching so i dont know where else suitable but after trying so hard to get a cab back to hotel - i think it's not the best place for a big concert like this...

As for myself....,

Moral of this story :

1. stand by at least a bottle of water...

2. wear safety shoes... if wanted  to join the front liner (front of the stage)

3. at least jogging maybe a month before concert ( for stamina to jump with the crowd or even to pushed the wave of crowds.. :P )

4. take good care of health

5. booked or charted a taxi or transportation to send home.. A MUST~!

6. practice standing in a very long period... (again...., jumping is an advantage!!)

7. practice to smell bad odor or sweat... Elevator or public toilets might be a good start (..and hopefully till then your nose might immune to that smell.. hahahah)

8. practice to seat at the floor in a long period

9. search for the lyrics or surf youtube for the song and try to remember it...

10. get yourself an oxygen tank... hahahaha... ok scratch that...!

NtGravity : Looking forward next time... :) Oh yeah, remember when we tried to 'swim' our way out for fresh air.. There's a brader (guy) doing vertical S*x with his girlfriend... Shoving the girl on me~?!! Giler..[Weiih, tolong r brader... orang nak tengok Search & Wings nyer konsert, bukan tengok lu wat konsert der.. Lu nak tunjal lu nyer awek ker, lu nak angkat lu nyer awek ke.. wa peduli hapa.. tapi agak agak ler lu kat mana...Bone Head~!!]


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4 Rants Found

  1. fren
    interesting report and great pics


    Kru pun legend tau haha

  2. @Deaf Angel

    thank you fren for visiting...

    yes KRU memang legend tapi lain genre muzik laa... hahahha :)

  3. dtg menyinggah..nice reviu sis

    kalo ada lg konsert diorg..bleh turun lg headbangin..hehehe

  4. @Ayie...


    memang nak dtg lagi.. hopefully stadium merdeka laa... hahahah...

    tapi takut laa macam hari tuh... padat sangat... hahahha


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