Lagenda Budak Setan : Resurrection of a Legend

Saturday, June 12, 2010

(●*∩_∩*●) Epilogue : Emptiness (●*∩_∩*●)

It's such a boring day... so i kills the time by do some drawing...

It's based on an upcoming movie "Lagenda Budak Setan" - once a madness for teenagers. I was in Form 2 - when i read it. Anyways, just for fun i upload it at Lagenda Budak Setan's group at Facebook. Two days later, this is what i've got...,

Wow... it's been awhile for me to win something...~!! Coincidentally i'm flying to KL for Youth Festival 2010 at PWTC so this is like a bonus to me...

(●*∩_∩*●) O N E : 31st May (●*∩_∩*●)

I've made it to GSC Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur.. (Thanks to my little sister... for the ride..) After an hour waiting, finally it's our turn (facebookers) to register.. Signed up and then received our Invitation cum Movie Ticket cum Seat Number... and then, yup... entering the Red Carpet where we're gathered before entering the hall. This is first time to me, so all i do was observing my surrounding.. Anyways, met few nice girl and instantly befriended... Spotted few celebrities and taken some pictures with them as memento.

Soon after that, the launching of this movie begin... Also autograph session by the casts and the novelist. Next, the movie of course~!!

(●*∩_∩*●) T W O : Movie (●*∩_∩*●) 

Warning: Do not read if you have not watch it...

A love story of Kasyah (once was a very naughty student and member/leader to an anti-female group) and Ayu (a beautiful freshies) which they have to split due to Kasyah needs to complete his thesis to graduate. On the same time Azmi (Ayu's temper two-timer ex boyfriend), now reappearing and trick Ayu to marry him...

Ayu, even though her never-ending love still for Kasyah - still tried her best to accept Azmi as her fate as Azmi really love her, although his way of showing or proving are by beating and abusing. After an argument Ayu who was beaten and emotionally hurt fleed by car. While driving in a state of trauma, Ayu was out of control and accidents.

In Kasyah's life - although frustrated and heart broken.. He's still move on. This is when he met Emillia.. At first he initially did not think anything but after awhile he began to sense something about Emillia.. She seems to re-ensemble Lisa Ayu... Until one fine day, Suzana (the lovebird's close friend) spilled out all about Emillia to Kasyah whom instantly resume their relationship which finally to the next stage - Marriage. Another obstacle to this poor couple, Azmi has return. Failed his own mission to have Emillia - has been rough to her and made her lost her memory.

Katerina appears when Kasyah applied a job at her company after the previous company shut down. Katerina falls for Kasyah without knowing that his relationship with Emillia. In the same time Kasyah were trying his best to bring back Emilia's memory and marry her... finally.

The rest.... it's for me to know and for you all to find out... 80% spoiled here... :)

(●*∩_∩*●) T H R E E : My verdict? (●*∩_∩*●)

It happen too fast during school college year.

Lisa Surihani not really there for Ayu's character. There's a part where Ayu and Suzana (played by Raja Farah) in their room - talking about her wedding. Suzana cried for Ayu, but not Ayu! She just sobbed but her expression shows that she's crying - without tears... As far as i concern Ayu in the novel was a devastated, sad and full of emotions. Yet, Lisa Surihani done it okay...

Farid Kamil... ermm, it's kind of cliché to see him as bad boy.. but as mushy Kasyah, he's doing it alright. The tears, expression... He's okay...

Why using Shiqin as Emilia and dubbed Lisa Surihani's voice...? Urnn... nahh, forget about that... It's still same if vice versa... right?? Shiqin Kamal.. well it's unlucky for her - voice dubbed, memory lost - she looks a bit stiff, especially after her memory is lost.. Probably that kind of expression she have to give away for this movie..

♥ Love ♥ Que Haidar in this movie - really an Azmi person! I didnt see Que Haidar in this movie but i saw Azmi.. his greed for Ayu's, his violent behavior to prove his love.. Thumbs up~!!

Nur Fazura~♥ - forever sweet... :) The character suits her... Katerina's frustration, dissappointment, hidden love.. (or because i like her as Nur Fazura... oh snap~!! I've mixed everything... LOL~!!!)

(●*∩_∩*●) F O U R : Conclusion (●*∩_∩*●)

A three days full of tears reading session has sum up in 1 hour 40mins movie.... Hmmm... I give 3 Stars + 1 Star for the lovely soundtrack!

Congratulation to Mr Ahadiat Akashah for the Novels, to the Director Mr Sharad Sharan for bringing it to life, all Casts especially Farid Kamil, Lisa Surihani, Shiqin Kamal, Nur Fazura, Que Haidar, Zoey, Nubhan, Raja Farah and Sheila Mambo... Thank You very much to Tarantella pictures / Astro Shaw...,

you all \m/(^__^)\m/!!!

Also THANK YOU to my new friends, Arnie Mahli and Yana Khalid for the pictures... Without them, i might missed the chance to take picture with some celebrities i like that night... :)

NtGravity : (●*∩_∩*●) cant wait for the next entry.... (*^ -^*) huhu~♥


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