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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hello all.... Namaste~!

I like to spend some free time in the museum - whenever i had the chance. I think we also need to occasionally go there either alone or with family and friends. Sometimes there is something, particularly the oldest history that has been or is about to disappear, only can be found in Museum.

On the 10 May 2013, I was one of the bloggers who were invited to witness the re-opening of the museum. Super excited!! Its been awhile!

While waiting it to start....

This ceremony was attended by Mr. Ipo Datan (Director of Sarawak Museum), Puan Aisah Eden (Chief of Corporate Services) and Ms. Joanne Tan Cho Yian (Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility).

Sarawak Museum, in collaboration with Sarawak Energy (the Sarawak's energy provider), on the 10th May 2013 unveiled the redesigned longhouse gallery showcasing the culture and heritage of the indigenous people of Sarawak. The enchanced cultural gallery, entitled the ' Longhouses of Sarawak', includes collections of historical artifacts, life size recreations of longhouse, historical photographs, legendary stories, traditional musical intruments, handicrafts, tools and traps used for fishing and hunting and others.

Sarawak Museum's Director, Mr Ipoi Datan said in his welcoming speech,"The partnership between the Museum and Sarawak Energy is aimed at enhancing visitors' experience to our cultural gallery.There a multimedia displays and more detailed information on the exhibit. This will benefit students or visitors who are looking for information on the longhouses in Sarawak."

Puan Aisah Eden, the Chief of Corporate Services which was representing the CEO of Sarawak Energy for this event quotes,"We have approximately 30 ethnic groups in Sarawak and each contributing to the State's diverse and rich culture and heritage. Steeped in history this melting pot of culture, lifestyle and language, is reflection of colour that make up our beautiful Sarawak. Sarawak Energy is proud to play a part in this cultural preservation for our future generation to enjoy and learn from."

Soon after gift exchanged.. it's time for ribbon cutting ceremony.....

While Puan Aisah Eden and Mr Ipoi Datan strolling around to see the latest in the museum displays - i've managed to captured some too...

*I'm not so sure if you can bring in camera to the museum - do check ok? Certain Museum you might need to pay for certain type of camera.*

Trying on multimedia displays

Video Gallery Showcasing the history of longhouses in Sarawak

After that we were invited to follow a short tour and this is a little bit of this and that... the rest is for you all to find out....(^_-)≡★

Thank you to Sarawak Energy for the invitation.

NTGravity : Still have that dream going to Madame Tussauds (yeah in London...) and hold it tight!!


Read about our tour at Menara Sarawak Energy HERE

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  1. perghhh nang patut di upgrade lagik muzium sarawak tok...i missed the experience though...last sekali pergi siya masa belajar di politeknik dolok somewhere in 1999 more or less

  2. me too bro.... might want to spendtimeone day ngelayo sia gik....

  3. Hi, im one of the docent(museum guide). mun rasa boring pegi sia sorang, i can give u tour. for free.
    noratirahrambli@gmail.com. and no, x boleh ambik gmba


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