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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Behold my good NTGravity Zone people!

Dont like eating fruits or vege? Let alone raw?

The Raw Juicery will give your a way out with their cold pressed juices that unpasteurized, can be your meal replacement, natural body alkalizer, body detoxification, no added sugar, no preservative and no water.

NTGravity Zone was invited to attend their Grand Opening ceremony on the 23 January 2016. This is my first time trying their drinks.

During the Grand Opening of Raw Kitchen at Vivacity Megamall, Kuching.
The highlight raw juice named To The Beet - which a mix of beet,carrot,apple and lemon.
Healthy Drink...
Located at Lower Ground at VivaCity Megamall... when you see Watson store turn right and look for the logo below...

love the set up... very relaxing.
personally i'm not a veggie or fruit person.. but this is seriously yummy.
My fellow bloggers also loving it!
The founder of Raw Kitchen [Green Height Mall] and Raw Juicery [Vivacity Megamall]
Yamseng session after ribbon cutting ceremony with Founder of Level Up Fitness,  Raw Kitchen and Director of VivaCity Megamall
Mixing in progress.

Formulated by qualified Nutritionists, these juices are 100% natural and 100% made fresh every day. No additives or preservatives; just raw, natural produce straight from the farm to the bottle. They do not pasteurize, meaning they sustain the integrity of they juices and the valuable raw and living nutrients and enzymes available.

Raw Juicery's mission is to provide the highest quality, healthiest, safest, and most nutritious juices to their customers.

 Only RM12 per 330ml bottle and get rebate in your next purchase if you bring back empty bottle.

Love the creative names... 
Giveaways to all invited to the event.
I dont know what i'm trying to convey in these photo... Singing high key note or getting drunk? *LOL*
One for the road... a group photo of bloggers with Ilnara and Ghaniy.
Dont forget to try their energy ball too..

Thank you Raw Kitchen and Beam Event for having us~*love*

Read about Raw Juices from my fellow bloggers' perspective just click any of the links below [will automatically open a new tab]

NTGravity : Go and try, you'll love them... the juices i meant...

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  1. HI, I really like the smoothie drinks. I try and have them as often as I can with my favorite Strawberry and Banana's although I have to add milk I don't add sugar because I like how they have there own sweetness to it. This is a great article.

    1. Hi +Angela Adame... oh my... i love banana with milk smoothie too...

      Thank you for visiting my blog... :)


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