V LeatherWorks Craftsman : The Beginning

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Earlier this month, my part-time colleague doing a cool project from leather for another colleague, it's look so cool for me. For a morale support, i gave him a project - something I've been longing to have it long ago.

Some of my favourite design in Etsy.

A namecard holder... with NTGravity Zone initial... dont you think it will look very elegance?

He is very new in this but i believe if you put your heart on what you're doing, it can lead you somewhere. I strongly believe.

NTGravity is very grateful because he agreed to share a little bit [my-namecard holder-in-the-making] photos and his secret hideout.. hahaha

Cutting the leather
It's almost there... *so excited!*
Carefully measured before the next process...
Some of V LeatherWorks' works - love the slingbag!

Juggling his time between work, study and hobby - after two weeks, he handed me my oh-so-lovely namecard holder...

.....with my initial on it!

*deep breathe*

Not bad for a junior...

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If you love to give him a project, he is open to any ideas or design. Please contact V LeatherWorks at +60109334330 or Instagram at @v.leatherworks 

NTGravity : For now i keep it in my memory box. For future.

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  1. Nice!! good hands work... ^^ can you please help me wish him all the best?? thank you!

    1. +Absolute Yana
      Thank you for visiting NTGravity Zone. It's my pleasure to extend that wish to him... :)

  2. Nice! If I knew this earlier, would've made an awesome Father's Day gift for my dad and husband.

    | yvonnesowell.com |

    1. awww~♡ for birthday perhaps...
      thank you for visiting...

  3. Replies
    1. yeah~♡ mine too... but i prefer slightly darker colour...

  4. Waaaa You make the Leather work looks so easy! I always wanted to get leather accessories, but it was really expensive.

    1. .... please dont tell other i tell you this... hahahahah *wink wink*

      hahaha... yeah... like only few steps... but i know there's more.. like he will take a moment to ask you few question such as what you want him to do, type of skin, colour, size of the thread [and yup it's a leather too] and etc... but because it's kind of hush hush so i simplified it... hahahha

  5. Wow.. awesome work there 0.0 The bag really do look nicely done with lot of efforts. <3

  6. Nice !! I love leather stuff so much ~ Your friends have a nice hand craft ~~will check on their insta ^^


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