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Last Saturday [13 October 2018] NTGravity Zone was at The Garden, Old Court House, Kuching to show our support to our very own Kuching independant filmmakers showcasing their short films. This event is organized by Outbox57 in conjunction of What About Kuching 2018 festival.

What About Kuching [WAK2018] is a month-long festival of arts, culture and lifestyle of Kuching.  

Back to Kuching Indie Films - it's a free admission and you get to watch and meet the directors / filmmakers as well! Some films you cant find it in Youtube!

Beautiful sight while watching the short films.

Quite a crowd, so proud of our community giving support.
one selfie by Believe during a short break.
For this one night only event there are 5 featured short films which are: 

Title :  Forever Love [Durations : 9 mins ] 
By : Alvin Karyee
Genre : Drama

Title : Appreciation [Durations : 10 mins 30 secs ]
By : Grace Lee
Genre : Drama

Title : Happiness is Homemade [Durations : 7 mins ] 
By : James Lo
Genre : Family Drama

Title : Neyna [Durations : 7 mins 20 secs ] 
By : Eugene Chin
Genre : Autobiographical Documentary

Title : Opium Coffee [Durations : 8 min 26 secs] 
By : Big Lau
Genre : Documentary Drama

unfortunately NTGravity Zone's team only make it to the last two short films, but for Happiness is Homemade i've watched it at Mr Lo's website. Keep on reading...

James Lo | Happiness is Homemade

Heart touching story in Bidayuh language, it's about a boy narrated about his life with his single father.

To watch full version : Watch

Eugene Chin | Neyna

Interesting short film about how Neyna fight for his life battling an autoimmune disease and how he stay positive about it.

To watch full version : WATCH

Mr Eugene share to the audience about his artwork and also answering some questions from the floor.
Please also support his Depression Awareness event organized under @storykuching

Big Lau | Opium Coffee

Another interesting short documentary about Opium Coffee that once famous for the oldies in Kuching town because it hits close to home. I remember when i was still little girl - sometimes my fader [Read: Father] will bring me [with or without my brother and mother] for breakfast, his late-uncle sometimes will tagged along in the car but infrequently joined us.

He is that time already in his 60s, was a sailor during his young-age and he can speak chinese!

Usually my fader will drop him somewhere at Central Police Station before we proceed to go breakfast somewhere at Pasar Ceko [I ever blog about it few years back, Read about it here]

My fader will then pick him up after that at the exact spot. 

Anyways, i didnt know exactly about the Opium Coffee - never really heard about it but i only curious my fader's late-uncle always go 'lepak' there. I heard about him saying about craving for coffee to my fader before he drop off, but i was too young to ask about it. After years gone by i totally forgotten about it until 13 October 2018!

Thank you to Mr Director Lau of BIG LAU Studio 大刘工作室 for answering my long-overdue question. LOL!

So it's the Opium Cafe hidden somewhere at the back alley of Central Police Station area. 

One of the shot from the short film - Opium Coffee
so is Opium Coffee really a cup of coffee with OPIUM?


rest easy... it's just the name...
Anyways this is a great sessions and hope to have more like this in future so our own local talent can exposed themself and Kuching citizen can support them in return because as far as i know currently there are no society for them. 

Kudos to OutBox 57 for organising this..! I wish everyone the best and hope to see more of your artwork soon! Proud of y'all!

There are more event around Kuching coming until end of month, check it out What About Kuching aka WAK2018 Calendar :: HERE ::

NTGravity : Anyways, dont forget to support Sarawak Bloggers Society for their final #TetherKch for year 2018. 

#TetherKch is a platform for social media content creators to share their experience and knowledge to push content creators in Kuching to greater heights. 

ENTRANCE IS RM5 per person and space is limited to only 20.  In Shaa Allah, look for me so we can selfie together and connected! 

Click poster below to know more : 

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