Support Local Talents at Shades Of Art 13th Edition : Ranee

May Peace Be Upon You...

Wow.. it's an exciting month full of various Arts, Culture & Lifestyles events around Kuching city and we at NTGravity Zone surely don't want to miss the chance to give our support as tribute to the spirit of our beloved city, Kuching~❤️

[Credit source of information from Shades of Art via posters at the scene.]

This is the 13th edition of Shades of Art and this time with the theme, Ranee – a homage to the women of fairland Sarawak. The show is a tribute to women through a night filled with poetry, acoustic music, and art this time they choose to do it at Bing! Coffee, Green Height, Kuching.

About Shades of Arts :
Shades of Arts is a group of people that help advocate the arts and music scene by providing a platform for people who want to showcase their art or music. 

It's all started as a small potluck party at a front porch of their friend's in 2007, rolled up into an acoustic show and mini art exhibition. As crowd slowly outgrew the porch, they decided to move it to a more cozy and intimate venue.

Shades of Art's team usually organised a night show filled with music, art and poetry in a cafe styled setting all at ZERO cost and budget, audience come to watch for FREE as well. They called it from the community to the community as artists and musicians will do their showcase pro bono yet encouraged to sell any merchandise or artwork, while on SOA's team are volunteer basis while the musical instruments or sound system are borrowed from friends.

Look how chill the ambiance - solo or with company should be fine..

Believe and I are having a great time listening while enjoying our Latte and Lasagna at Bing! Coffee at Green Height, Kuching.

My all time favourite at Bing! Coffee outlet.

Quite a crowd that night and limited place to sit but it's ok, we still can enjoying the sound / music from downstair.
Selfie opp for NTGravity Zone's latest travelling dude bear - Believe.

If you have talent and you want to showcase it, be it poetry, photography, visual arts or if you're a singer / song writers - please contact them as follow below :

If you wonder how many people have been on Shades of Art shows? Their answer : Close to 100 performers and maybe more! Just to name a few such as Sasha Ningkan, Swaiv [also performed that night], Ethnic Transmissions, Hevance, Sullivan, Sonar Instinct, At Adau, Yellowjack, Wordsmith of Kuching [also performed that night], Asyraf Hardy, 9Lives and Noh Salleh are among that has been on their show. 

Awesome! Keep it up Shades of Arts!

and people especially Kuchingites, give our support yes?

Download the What About Kuching aka WAK2018 Calendar :: HERE ::

NTGravity : As usual i'm a bit patriotic when comes to support 'lokal scene', kudos to all for making things like this happened! Anyways, dont forget to support Sarawak Bloggers Society for their final #TetherKch for year 2018. Let's meet up, ok..?

#TetherKch is a platform for social media content creators to share their experience and knowledge to push content creators in Kuching to greater heights. 

ENTRANCE IS RM5/PAX and space is limited to only 20. 

Click poster below to know more : 

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