Earth Hour

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

~ Never heard of Earth Hour? ~

Earth Hour is an activity where we *HUMAN* will sacrifice AN HOUR by simply switching of lights / electricity in our household or office or where ever.. This is to sent a force of nature of our concerned about our earth - it's climate change, the temperature... Show Earth we care... It's a volunteer activity - a symbolic gesture to prove to Ignorant people that we can, we care and we united...

We're surrounded by gloom and doom. Economies are in meltdown, the environment is being wrecked and global warming threatens us all. It would be easy to bury our heads in the sand and hope it all just goes away. But the reality is that there is plenty of good news. Recent studies show it is entirely possible to avoid the worst effects of global warming using existing technologies.

Switching to clean, renewable energy, stopping the destruction of the world's great forests and investing in energy efficiency could cut damaging carbon emissions by nearly half in just thirty years. And what's more, we can afford it. The trillions of dollars currently being poured into stimulus packages are a fantastic opportunity to move to a low-carbon economy which will boost jobs and growth and put us on course to manage the worst effects of climate change.

~Why? ~

Electricity started everything... Don't get it? Factories, Big building, spotlights.. things that we might can't see by naked eyes... Actually, we *Human* who started everything... the evolution and times has change us all...

Besides, our earth is getting older and weaker... Let's help earth reduce it burden... Lately Mother of Nature has growls... might be frustrating... might be tired... might be sick.... There are a lot of tragic earthquake and tsunami... Not to mention - War! Bring back the consciousness and humanity back to our self... This is Earth we're talking about - the place where we were born, raise and live! Stop being ignorant.... it is not others who will die but we are... Let's die peacefully. Don't start big, though... start slow and steady.... there will be HUGE different....
[Please support my EARTH HOUR campaign by clicking]

~ How to? ~

There are a lots of activities we can do in an hour or more... Picnic in our own garden, candle lights dinner, snuggle with love one in dark (urmm.. make sure lock everything first..),camp at the beach and many more.. Use own creativity...

~ Against ~
Not surprised! You're the decision maker.. if you don't fancy the idea then don't do it~! Many who dispute this activity will only see this as An Hour while we are trying to give awareness of global warming and climate change for the future..
.not about the specific energy reductions made during the hour being all that's required...

~ My Favourite song ~

I shall leave you all with this song... This is what we gonna get if we still what we are now... I've come to my senses due to this song long time ago... and til then trying my best to help nature, animals and human....

People.. do you want to FLICK IT OFF?? 

NtGravity : Cant hold my tears when ever i listen to this song... Stabbing to my soul...

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