I Just Love Good Smelling People

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

*Who smell good today~~??*

Let me hug you... hahaha..

I REALLY love good smell... on people especially~! (well who doesn't?, right?) My first impression towards people would be their smells... and then their eyes... and the lips... fingers.... *imagining Cyril Takayama - droolingg.....~♥* 

*Note : This is my working handbag*
I have two bottle of perfumes - hard and soft scented to match my activities.
Didn’t realize that myself. Before this I never even own a bottle of perfume - let alone to know the brand. When I studied in hospitality field, I’ve learned a lot about self care. Not just take bath and put some perfume powder… it’s more than that! (Ehhemmm... brushing teeth, combing hair, shampoo those are basic... I do practice that, ok? lalala~) It’s like having and USING deodorant, body perfume, do stylish hair and so on… Also, ironed clothes, wear stoking and etc..
 I started by owned a roll-on vanilla musk... Currently I’m quite a ‘sommelier’ in perfumes and bottle collector and now i am very sensitive to bad smell… Not just make me want to *puke* but also turn me off... *in reference - to talk, do activities...*

*Rotten Versus Sweet*
Whew… never want to discuss it.. I can’t imagine anybody walking around with stinky body odor spreading.. Please do something… I believed as friends or families too, we need to be true to our friend with this problem… There are a lot of causes of Body odor such as:
    * Sweating  * Bacteria present in the sweat     * Strong medicines     * Alcohol   * Smoking     * Prolonged illness    * Diseases, like kidney problems, liver problems etc     * Stress     * Skin problems     * Gastrointestinal problems     * Weak metabolism   * Fungal infection     * Bacterial growth     * Deficiency of zinc mineral, cavities, toxins, etc     * Poor hygiene         * Certain foods and beverages, like hot beverages, spicy foods, etc     * Menopause     * Low levels of male hormones     * Low blood sugar or hypoglycemia     * Fever     * Overactive thyroid or hyperthyroidism

Symptoms of Body Odor

Giving off unpleasant smell is the only symptom, which occurs in body odor. This may happen when a person is sweating. It is seen that a person sweats either when it is too hot or he is extremely nervous or anxious. Such sweat usually has a foul odor attached to it. Unpleasant body odor is experienced after a strenuous workout as well. Another situation that results in body odor would be when a person is exposed to extremely hot temperatures. The smell varies from individual to individual. Though the smell disappears after bathing, it may come back immediately if the person puts on the clothes he was wearing earlier.


So~!! Some of the factors are due to inner body… sometimes our friends didn’t know it… Tell them! But please, in friendly manner – maybe we could start off with buying the health product as gifts… Don’t offence them… it’s a sensitive issue…
*Note : My other collection at home...*

Beside it’s so stressful to smell or being smelly… right??

I got problem with my feet… I couldn’t use ‘cheap’ leather shoes or sandals… I need to wear good materials stoking or else… Urgghh… Even I feel so ashamed to myself… My mom use to labeled my as ‘Rich Girl’ because I have a sensitive skin – I couldn’t wear Gold accessories, I can’t wear I don’t know what kind of material is that… but it does make my skin itchy…

Anyways.. there’s no harm to smell nice right? It's also a booster for your confidence level. So why not… Change your style to change people’s impression towards you…

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS

NtGravity : Guy with body odor?? Turn off... Guy with Thierry Mugler smell?? Awww... marry me... LOL :)


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