Switching Off For The World

Sunday, March 28, 2010

27th March 2010.... the second year i've participated in this event...

I supposed to celebrate it at my friend's bungalow - we're going to have a treasure hunt but due to work, she have to go elsewhere... As last minute result (well.. not really.. hahaha... it's two days before..) i've decided to join this event at my neighbourhood mall.. Green Height Mall (please google for more info...)

Anyways..., i supposed i will go alone (most of my friends are not around and i usually a lone 'ranger') but thanks to my bff.. Riner who willing to joined me..

The event started at 7.30pm but we're late 45 minutes later... It's very simple event held but i think more or less 300 people attending~!! Awesome!! Mini concert - with local singers and bands (i think~? LOL) Met some old friends and Souljas (which i consider my close friends). It's very happening for me.

Counting down for the 'Switch Off' lights of the building.. (although not much lights there... but who cares... ) and everybody 'Switch On' their candles... I can proudly said that our (my friend and i) candle holder was the cutest one~! LOL.. i've spend my noon time doing it..


Not much activities done except enjoying the crowd and the mini concerts. Only few booth opened (i dont take it as disadvantage, this small neighbourhood) - which i recalled are the tenants of the mall. I really like the time when a photographer taken our picture from the roof top... i wish i could do the same...

I really hope this will be on going event in the future.. and more activities to be done while switching off.. many people gone after switch off ceremonies (maybe to join this event at elsewhere)

Big Thank You to Green Height Mall for the event.. no cover charge... the minis are free..!!

NtGravity : Many dispute this event.. well.. i dont care~! We all big enough to think.

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