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Thursday, March 18, 2010

: : HerStory in the making : :

I've started online since 1997 - newbie who doesn't know anything about internet. Yeah, the only I know is Yahoo! Haha~!


A month after that I've decided to learn to do a homepage about my favourite guy that time - ' Kevin Richardson - Backstreet boys. Kevin's World Homepage - a pastel yellow web contains 5 pages and lots of animated graphics. I called it 'Confusion Zone'.. ahakss... Well don't blame me. I just few month olds internet and few weeks old in HTML coding - let alone Photoshop what so ever... Lucky somewhere along that period I met an IT expert who help me here and then.. 

*Abg Zakran, I will never thank you enough!* 

 That time there's no Wireless Fidelity or it's popular known as Wi-Fi.. I have to go to cyber cafe and do it - it's not cheap~! An hour was charged as low as RM3.50 - RM4.50 per hour... It's like dining in a good cafe!! Until my father subscribed an 'internet line' (the bandwidth then was low...) and i still have to pay it... but it's worth doing it... Got lots of visitor (as not much people do Kevin Richardson's site that time) - way different from my blog now... Ngeehehehhe~

: : Season Changing : :

So am i... Anyways, due to study, I have to quit Kevin's World. I have to moved out from my parent house for two years. I have no choice but to delete my account and forget about internet for years. I think that's my biggest mistake.. i should just keep it...

Well.. life moves on... i rebuilt a new website - tasted the crashed and burned.. It's fine.. 

..No, i lied.. 

it's really frustrating...~! but worth it once you got it done...

Then on 2004, i own a laptop given by my boyfriend (now..sadly an EX boyfriend...huhu~) which i brought along with anywhere and start my own first blog at but now i dont know what happen with that site anyway... but i lose my blog there... it's exactly like this blog - only more savvy of feminism... hahaha~!!

That time - WiFi just about to started...(have to buy Wi-Fi usb adapter) and very very small range of location provide it.. Some even provide the HotSpot with prepaid cards. Usually i was at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf to get a connection. Luckily i love the Double vanilla latte... :) 

: : Now : :

I could say anywhere is Wi-Fi areas... with or without password. Coffeshop, Kopitiam, KFC, Mc D.. just to name a few.. Moreover nowadays, a huge laptop has shrunk down to a slim size of a handphone with 3G...

"3G refers to the third generation of mobile telephony (that is, cellular) technology. The third generation, as the name suggests, follows two earlier generations."

This evolution has made life easier... Just look for this logo...

or whenever my laptop or communicator indicator tweet...~ i'm fine.. :)

: : My Favourite Surfing Spot : :

My home sweet home.... My most favourite hangout - Wonderful Cafe (a kopitiam - please google it..LOL) and any fast food joint... especially those without WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) a.k.a. password protection.. hahahha~

Now this is even Super fast connection... the 4G techie! Simply Plug & Play.. Great rates and Extended Coverage... It's world of technologies,'aight? Don't be left behind..

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS

NtGravity : Still wishing for something fast...


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  1. i start online since 2004..i think it late for me...but knowledge never gets too late....

    p/s: jumping over from YS to this lovely blog....hihi..hit me back ya!

  2. @Mr Homosapiensz yup.. that's so true..

    @Elyn yay~!! thank you.. award per yek? will check it out later...


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