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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hi... (=´∇`=)

I've been working a lot of places... and yet.. i'm still ended on the street... jobless... Sometimes i just want to give up!

Yet..., one thing i never give up until now since long time ago....


It could be anything....

Whatever around the house

in and out.. up and down.. my world

Pictures of people

Picture of my beloved cats

Pictures of something i really adores!

Capturing the important event

Once in a lifetime shot....

Or maybe impromptu act....

Thank you to my Souljas for being very supportive...

I've been able to do what i love the most....

Right now i'm experiencing doing stop motion video for my souljas 'Save The Date' video... For the first time.

Please take a look and do comment....

NT Gravity : Wish me luck...

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4 Rants Found

  1. yaaahhh kacak ada juak pics kitak ambik aih...ada join mana2 komuniti fotografer ka sis?

  2. @Adi Herman menar kah...? Thank you..
    buat masa tok baru join 'Wedding and Potrait Photographer Malaysia' tapi Enthusiast Member jak laa... hahahhaa...

  3. Doing what you love without little pay is better than doing what you detest at high pay. kan? Nice shots there Aliey!

  4. @Coffee Girl.. yup.. doing something you really love way better than doing things half heartedly...

    Thank you... :)


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