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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

NOTE : Massive Photos Ahead.... Don't say i did not warn you!

(*~▼~)ノ こんにちは〜♥!! [Kon'nichiwa/Hello]

Kyan!me Press Conference >>>Read HERE<<<

Kyan!me Opening Ceremony >>>Read HERE<<<

I'm so sorry about Day 2, i was around with my friends but i didnt take any photos or covering any tournament held that day! We're just passing by, doing some ohhs and ahhss towards the Cosplayers and some booths then straight to Bing! and going home afterwards.

m(_ _)m~ごめんなさい!! [Gomen'nasai/I'm Sorry]

Again, i would like to say ありがとうございました [Arigatōgozaimashita/Thank You so Much] to Sarawak Bloggers and to organizer for Kyan!me Convention 2012 for the opportunity. Here goes,

d=====( ̄∇ ̄*)b DAY THREE d(* ̄∇ ̄)=====b

Reach Hills shopping Mall around 1:30pm after successfully 'kidnapping' my BBF Souljas Riner Mike and meet up with our fellow Souljas a lovely lovebirds Nru & Ee...

:: Off Topic ::
What is BFF and Souljas? I'll let you know next time... Promise!

When we arrived - Junior Cosplay Competition just about to start at the stage area.

I think this is Altair from Assasin Creed

Very cute with all 'slashes' all over her stomach!

Right after that Cosplay Skit Competition..

You got to see their massive sword... So neat!!

Jiraiya-sama Cosplayer below... (*^_^*)

There's also other tournament at UG level of Hills Shopping Mall - Cyber Games Tournament (Call of Duty 4 and DOTA 1 & 2) and open registration for Touhou 12.3 Hisountensoku at booth near the stage area.

Viewing Area : For Supporters and DOTA lovers watching the game.
Touhou 12.3 Hisountensoku

After that, Cardfight!! Vanguard Tournament commenced at the stage area. I'm not into this games so i really don't have a clue about it but please check out below links if you want to know more about the game.

Cardfight!! Vanguard    >>>More Info<<<
Yu-Gi-Oh: Card Battle   >>>More Info<<<

While waiting for the Closing ceremony at 5:30pm later, those are what i manage to cover...


SheD'real Shoppink
Facebook SheD'real Shoppink (Fashionable Wf Lowest Price)

Sarawak Japan Friendship Club
Facebook Sarawak-Japan Friendship Club 砂日友好協會

The Dolly Carnet
Facebook The Dolly Carnet

Lomo Camera booth... *drooling...*

GUNPLA - Live Demo

and met a handsome dude fellow blogger, Jian Goh, a comic blogger from Miao&WafuPafu *just dont want to sound so giddy.. he is a handsome guy.. i didnt know that before - must be missing some of his entry.. LOL..! hahah* In the end i just talk a bit and then left to other booth... wakakakaka! *silliness for no reason*

I've stumble upon his blog 2009, fall in love with his artwork and become his silent reader ever since!
I also finally able to meet with him and of course his famous Miao, Wafu and Pafu!!

Facebook Miao&WafuPafu
Blog  <---- seriously funny plus cuteness overload!!

Seriously, i looked like i'm hiding.. but i'm not!

Take a break - lunch cum tea time at Old Town having mee-maggi-taste-and-look-like food! *seriously.. try the Springy with chicken meatloaf & egg*

d=====( ̄∇ ̄*)b Closing Ceremony d(* ̄∇ ̄)=====b

Please note. Not much photos around here due to battery has drained out! TKO!

m(_ _)m~ごめんなさい!! [Gomen'nasai/I'm Sorry]

Around 5:30pm - me and my BFF went to the stage area for the closing ceremony. Meeting the Coordinator and Founder of Sarawak Bloggers, Mr. Cyril Dason before we were ushered to our seats.

The closing ceremony started with a speech from Ms. Kimberly Lim the President of Kyanime Society followed with give away token of appreciation to partners, sponsor and exhibitors.

Sarawak Blogger's received by Mr. Cyril Dason.
From here you will see the overall results for Kyanime Convention 2012 and the prize their have won!


Wanko Soba Competition (Sponsor by Sushi King)

Prizes :  1st - RM100 vouchers, 2nd - RM80 vouchers, 3rd - RM60 vouchers

1. Yeo Yii Chi

2. Alex Yap

3. Gideon Goh


Kids Colouring Contest [Below 8 years old] (Sponsor by Genesis Copy Centre)

Prizes : 1st - RM60 hamper, 2nd - RM40 hamper, 3rd - RM20 hamper

1. Tan Law Tze Hon

2. Tan Law Si You - RM40 hamper

3. Puteri Maishara Bt Mohsen


Kids Colouring Contest [9 years old and above] (Sponsor by Genesis Copy Centre)

Prizes : 1st - RM60 hamper, 2nd - RM40 hamper, 3rd - RM20 hamper

1. Clement Goh

2. Tan Si Ning

3. Nur Syafiqah Bt Roslan


Mangaka (Sponsor by Gempak Starz)

Prize : Gempak Merchandise

1. Armand Dzul Bin Harapan

2. Lee Ming Xuen

3. Chieng Ai Ying


Anime Dai Fan (Sponsor by Kim Bay)

Prize : 1st - RM150 vouchers, 2nd - RM100 vouchers, 3rd - RM50 vouchers

1. Billy Chin

2. Jason

3. Darian


Voice Over (Sponsor By Seventh Tribe)

Prize : Free Recording & Kyanime Merchandise

Champion : Syazwan Saddiq & Mohd Nur Mu'min


Kyanime Race (Sponsor by Bean Cottage)

Prize : RM200 cash & Bean Cottage vouchers

Champion : Dayang Na'imah Salimah & Muhammad Luqman


Yu-Gi-Oh (Sponsor by Summer Tea Company)

Prize : Medals

1. Eden Chong (Kuching)

2. Kong Teck Kiong (Sibu)

3. Ernest Ang (Kuching)

4. Andrew Ang (Kuching)


Cardfight!! Vanguard (Sponsor by MoeHouse)

Prize : 1st - 1 Gold Paladin Mat, 9 Booster from EB03 - Calvary of the black steel, 2nd - 7 booster from EB03, 3rd - 5 booster from EB03, 4th - 3 booster from EB03

1. Alex Chai

2. Danielle Lim

3. Daniel Sim

4. Mohd Hur Haziq

5. Nathaniel

6. Lau Choo Sie Liang


Touhou 13 Ten Desire Challenge (Sponsor by Touhou Project)

Prize : 1st & 2nd - Mini Figurine, 3rd & 4th - Key Chain

1. Izzat Danial

2. Kong Nytan Onn

3. Mohd Haziq

4. Toh Wei Xian


Touhou 12.3 Hisountensoku

Prize : 1st - Nendroid Hakurei Reimu & key chain, 2nd - Touhou Plushie & key chain, 3rd - Touhou Mini Figurine & key chain

1. Dylan

2. Kelvin

3. Zephaniah


Call Of Duty 4 (Sponsor by Gizmo Gamers)

Prize : 1st - RM500 cash vouchers & medals, 2nd - RM250 cash vouchers & medals, 3rd - RM100 cash vouchers & medals

1. SYN




DOTA (Sponsor by Gizmo Gamers)

Prize : 1st - RM750 cash vouchers & medals, 2nd - RM350 cash vouchers & medals, 3rd - RM150 cash vouchers & medals, Consolation - RM50 cash vouchers.

1. Team Ghost Shadow

2. MagicX 2 Gaming

3. Team Jokie

Consolation. MOG Gaming, Shi Meh, MeMe Team, Ambivalance, 101


DOTA2 (Sponsor by Gizmo Gamers)

Prize : 1st - RM500 cash vouchers, Steel Series 4H & medals, 2nd - RM300 cash vouchers, Steel Series QCK & medals, 3rd - RM200 cash vouchers, Steel Series QCK & medals

1. LZ




Junior Cosplay (Sponsor By Sushi King)

Prize : 1st - RM100 cash & RM60 vouchers, 2nd - RM80 cash & RM40 vouchers, 3rd - RM20 hamper

1. Joanne Lim Fung Sian

2. Diana Musa


Solo Cosplay (Sponsor by Jpop Culture Portal Site)

Prize : 1st - RM300 cash, 2nd - RM200 cash, 3rd - RM100 cash

1. Jasper Wee Kiam Siong

2. Zarina Sim Li Pei

3. Tang Shi Yang


Skit Cosplay (Sponsor By Regalo)

Prize : 1st - RM300 cash, 2nd - RM200 cash, 3rd - RM100 cash

1. Jasper Wee & Tang Shi Yang

2. Alan Yeo & Mohd Termizi

3. Presinovela & Stephenie Lisa Ong


After that, Saichou Neko as closing performance. It's time for us to go home too... 7 hours mingle around the Hills Shopping Mall!

NTGravity : I think it's a great job doing this convention. Looking forward next year.


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  1. awesome! cool! selalu tringin nak gi cosplay ni.... huhuhu....

    p/s: tuan blog tak pakai cosplay ke?

  2. thank you.. suka tgk cosplay gak... comel!! tuan nyer blog pemalu ya amat cukup jadi media jer... hehehe


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