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Thursday, October 16, 2014

...continuing from my previous entry.... Missed that one? Here goes...

Having my birthday on October [READ]

Going North with Marina Mahathir [READ]
Visiting Tok Mat and Tok Wan [ Tun M’s Childhood House ] [READ]

[Disclaimer : My trip to Alor Setar, Kedah is fully sponsored by Hotlink as i'm one of the winner from the contest that organized by Hotlink Red. Marina Mahathir is playing host as she will show her hometown. This blog does not favor any, regardless of viewpoint or political beliefs or personal issues or whatever. This [NTGravity Zone] blog will only published about the journey that experienced by the author. Please keep your political comment about anyone to yourself. Thank you! Have a nice life~😏]

so... we have our lunch at Sri Pumpong... this place was recommended by Dato Seri Mukhriz Mahathir when we visited him and his wife a day before...

It's nasi campur [rice with anything you desire...] - you can have it all in one plate or you can tell your waiter or waitress which food you want to be served separately...

The one that rare item to me is the smoked beef... yummy...

This will come with the smoked beef... careful if you can't handle the level of spiciness! It burns...!

Khaleed showing off his plate... hahaha 

This is mine... i'm playing safe... non spicy food...

It's a popular place so please drop by to try their food... and you have to wait if the place jammed packed during peak hours...

Once we had all eaten our lunch... We all make our move to Jalan Menteri as Marina wanted to show their former homes.

Sadly... we all were greeted by this empty lot.... (TT_TT)

Marina in sad voice told us the house might look like the photo below...

Although everybody seems to be disappointed we all change our route to Titi Gajah, Alor Setar, Kedah - we gonna visit 'Pondok Maharizan'.. the house that Tun Mahathir built for his family.

Marina told us, this house is where she spend her time with her siblings - and that house is always full with visitors. Marina will help her mother [Tun Siti Hasmah] preparing some local kuih or served drinks to her father's guests. The funny part - although her father was defeated in elections - that house never quiet!

Too bad... nobody was around to open the locked gate... *bummer*

...there goes river scene... [ Marina told us behind their backyard there is a major river called Sungai Kedah ]

The pouring rain seems to understand our hearts right that instant... nothing much to do so we all head back to our hotel to freshen up...

I need to packed these in my luggage carefully... but first... hahaha

Around 4.30pm... to Alor Setar Tower!! It is the second tallest tower in Malaysia and the 19th tallest in the world..! Wow..

I'm here...!

Observation area on the 88 Meter Level will enable visitors to enjoy the panoramic view of Alor Star. In this area, there are 5 sets of automatic binoculars, souvenirs cum money changer and ice cream shop.

A visitor can use binoculars to enjoy a breathtaking view that stretches from Gunung Jerai (Kedah Peak) to Gunung Keriang and the vast stretch of paddy fields that lies in between the two mountains.

New development! Cool...

Kolej Sultan Abdul Hamid

One of the Malaysia's oldest and premier school located in Alor Setar, Kedah. Originally founded as Government English School (GES), it is one of the earliest English-medium schools to be established in the country. In 2008, the school celebrated its hundredth year (1908-2008) of existence and establishment.

Marina went to school here for here Form 6... Yeah... it is an all-boys school except for lower and upper 6s.

Guess who is the first headmaster of the first English school in the state of Kedah in late in 1908?

Marina's grandfather...

which is...

...Tun Mahathir's father.

Mohamad bin Iskandar a.k.a. Tok Mat!

I was like... "Whoa!"

[Read about this prestigious college... HERE]

Feels like in Germany for a second there... [referring the college's flag]

Prominent Alumni and Sportsmen [Just to name a few]:

☞ Tuanku Sultan Abdul Halim [Sultan of Kedah and current Supreme Ruler of Malaysia]

☞ Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj [First Malaysian Prime Minister]
☞ Tun Mahathir Mohamad [Fourth Malaysian Prime Minister]
☞ Tun Daim Zainudin [Former Minister of Finance]
☞ Tan Sri Mohamed Khir Johari [Former Education Minister]
☞ Akmal Rizal Ahmad Rakhli  [Former National, Kedah and Sarawak Football Player]

Impromptu meeting with some very friendly students...

Khaleed is lucky because he was given KSAH's badge college... Wow..

Three of them are very very kind-hearted as they willing to show us the new entrance to the primary school, behind this college.

This primary school should be named after her grandfather - the authorities thought her grandfather's name is Mohamad Iskandar, whereas in fact the real name is Mohamad BIN Iskandar.

It's ok la kan... The thoughts that count!

Marina didn't go to this school... she just want to show us the school named after her grandfather...

The original building...
one for the road...

Group photo... 

Our next destination...

Coffee break at CaffΓ¨ Diem !![or Tea break for Marina Mahathir]

Location : 6, Jalan Penjara Lama, Pekan Cina, 05000 Alor Setar

Uhhh.... sarcasm?

Lovely caffe latte...

among which are served on that day

In case if you have any doubt about 'poppy seed' - this is the reply from Caffe Diem.

The owner's mother and also responsible for these delicious cakes that we eat earlier.


Kitchen area... very creative!

This menu is called "Encik Hu Chew Chai" a.k.a. deep fried fish finger! #LOL

Meeting with the owner, Jackie Loo

Meanwhile... i'm having a selfie with Sarawak FA rival... Kedah FA's coach - Dave Mitchell.

Super excited face? yeah, sorry... I put the blame on my coffee... πŸ˜™πŸ’¨πŸŽΆ

Our last stop for this trip... the famous and legendary MEE ABU. This place is famous and always visited by local celebrities and politicians. There are many MEE ABU [shops or stalls] in Alor Setar - better asked the local [the location] if you want to try it.

I was wondering what so special about this shop.. I've learned from the housekeeping staff [from the hotel that I stayed] that they are using charcoal stove to cook. I'm not sure if all their dishes using this method. 

Popular dishes - Mee Goreng, Mee Rebus and Murtabak.

Please correct me if i'm wrong!

Mee Rebus
Yellow noddles with thick gravy. It's too spicy to me, i cant finish it...

Murtabak [pan-fried bread stuffed with minced beef or chicken]

Different from my usual murtabak back in Kuching. This one is super jammed packed with minced beef, onions and egg. It's my first time too, my murtabak is served with red onions pickled. Ever!

Trivia : Mutabak [spelling may vary] in Arabic means "folded"

Which is true... 

The dough is flattened [they have a technique to do it without causing it to tear off], all the ingredients are placed in the middle of the dough and then the dough is folded so that no leakage occurs. After the dough is fried on a flat pan.

Not sure if this dadih that looks like soy bean curd but this is made from buffalo milk [which is still popular but due to the population of buffalo in Kedah are decreasing, mostly the maker changed it to cow milk]

Although i'm always adventurous to try new food [as long its halal] but i'm kind of sceptical when come to buffalo milk... when i saw Datin Paduka Marina savouring it - i also want too lah!! #brokengilerenglish LOL..

Its so creamy and yummy!

Marina with our handsome-and-long-haired video production boys...

The finale...

Another 'interview' session...

I truly look so stiffed! Dayummm

Once mine is done... I've changed and walking around the block - need some hot drink to go...

Two old cinemas...

Start packing my stuff... spend my last night slow and easy...

The wristband, drinking water and badge from Alor Setar Tower are given from Marina Mahathir. 

Actually she's the one who getting this gift but she kind-heartedly gave the three of us some too! Thank you!

Oyasuminasai minna~♥ See you all in a bit!
NTGravity : going back to reality tomorrow.... so sad!!

Watch the second day and the wrap up video from Hotlink TV. [If you viewing this blog using your mobile, this blog is best view using Chrome.]

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