Visiting Tok Mat and Tok Wan [ Tun M’s Childhood House ]

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

[Disclaimer : My trip to Alor Setar, Kedah is fully sponsored by Hotlink as i'm one of the winner from the contest that organized by Hotlink Red. Marina Mahathir is playing host as she will show her hometown. This blog does not favor any, regardless of viewpoint or political beliefs or personal issues or whatever. This [NTGravity Zone] blog will only published about the journey that experienced by the author. Please keep your political comment about anyone to yourself. Thank you!]


Want to know how it start? Read first HERE and my first day journey to Alor Setar, Kedah [click HERE]

The best part about this trip? Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir is our guide! Superb!!

Oº°‘¨ 11th October 2014 ¨‘°ºO

By 7am, Although I’m already set to leave my room but changed my mind to hang out in my room a bit more while finishing watching a movie.

 Wearing Sarawak Fa 2012/2013 jersey...

 Going down... for breakkie!!

lasagna and mashed potato... 

Once everyone is ready, we left the hotel and headed to Balai Besar Alor Setar and wander around for a short while.

Gate to Balai Besar, Alor Setar....  
Balai Besar built with a combination of stunning architecture and impressive work of art carpentry. Balai Besar is built by using wood cengal gold and it is a testament to the Malays subtlety and artistic carpentry. Balai Besar has a total of 42 pillars which are made of hard wood remains strong to this day. This hall was built using wood for poles, roofs and floors.
The building is maintained with no change in the repair and renovation of its original features and has now become a place for royal ceremonial occasions.
- Translate from Kedah's Official website [LINK]

Wefie with Zahir Mosque in background.

Alor Setar Tower only this size from where I stand... 

See that billboard? Marina told us there was a book store and she always bought some exercise books there.

 Love how they did the road...

Zahir Mosque.


Pekan Rabu is literally means "Wednesday Market", is a shopping centre located in the middle of Alor Setar town. Marina told us, back yeaaaars ago - her grandmother used to sell banana fritters and the building was not built yet!

Update [12 December 2014] : Pekan Rabu traders will be relocated to a temporary site in Ukir Mall as Pekan Rabu would be demolished and rebuilt as a modern shopping mall with better facility for both traders and shoppers.

╚» I'm super glad we come earlier! «╝

 The escalator (at the flyover). Nice!

 Let's shop!

Snacks to bring back home... 

A MUST-TRY... Kuah Rojak Mak Bee... a bit spicy! This black sweet gooey sauce good to eat with fruits, cucumber and many more.

 sweet and sour titbits...

 Looking for a match in life?

I also have a mission to accomplish - buy fermented fish for my little sister. She's heavily pregnant with her second child and specifically requested for perch fish [some said Gouromi fish | ikan Sepat ]. Gotta find it! Thank you to Maxis rep, Juvita for finding the shop for me while I'm 'escorting' Marina Mahathir.

Friendly uncle... 

There are many type of fermented fish so ask for more info. 

Nice smile uncle...! Taken from Marina Mahathir's photo album.

My favourite... but i didnt get to buy any of it... *bummer!* 

This building [before renovated] was a cinema... 

 G is doing his work while on the move.

This beautiful [and yet again, abandoned] obviously was a general post office but it's sad to see a historical building just like that.... Thank God the one we have in Kuching are still standing!

Next location... located at Jalan Kilang Ais [Ice Factory Road].

 Tun Dr. Mahathir's Birthplace

This house also used to be a play area for Marina and her brothers while waiting for her parents to return from work.

The house itself reminds me with both [from either side of parents] our old wooden kampung house [built by my late grandfather] before it been demolished and replaced by a brick house.

Al Fatihah [or One Minute Silence] to the late Tok Mat and Tok Wan... [as Marina called them...]

Family tree....

Reminiscence of her early days...

 An old cabinet and kitchen area... 

Tok Wan's bed...
The late Tok Wan will kissed her forehead every time when she's leaving, Marina still can remember how her Tok Wan licked a bit in that kiss.
My chest hardened! I know that feeling... (TT_TT)

Marina getting interviewed while the three of us just mingle around...

 Tun M's wedding day!

 Meeting the officers for this museum.

This place is like time machine! Most of the thing is like where they are placed before! I personally love being in this house as it gives a glimpse into the life of such a great leader who had such a humble beginning almost 90 years back.

An original chair...

 Old switch!

Selfie at old wooden window... 


"Mummmm.... open the door... huhuhu" - can't imagined me knocking whenever I came home late after football night... hmmm

Another mission to accomplish before fly back to Kuching - to get Marina Mahathir signature on this flyer.

Khaleed photobombed my selfie!

 Good bye... i have not finish visiting the whole place, definitely a reason to come back soon!

MAHA Klinik

Not many people know about this.. but at the back of this shop was the first MAHA Klinik, located at Jalan Sultan Muhammad Jiwa before it moved to Jalan Sultan Badlishah. You will see a blue painted shop with a signboard - KEDAI UBAT ZAHER (MAHA LAMA).

MAHA Klinik near to the UMNO building are mostly featured in most websites or blogs about Tun Mahathir Mohamed. This recent clinic are still operating [not managed by Tun M.]

MAHA Klinik is the first Malay private clinic in the state of Kedah and also carry out activities such as local community services.

Marina told us back that years, patients will queue up at the back of the shop to get treatment from her father. MAHA is a joint name for her parent's name  [Mahathir and Hasmah] although her mother never involved with this clinic.

 The owner of Kedai Ubat Zaher [Zaher Drug Store] - told us some stories back then... when the clinic is still there.

 Mean while... Khaleed has found Kedah's flag somewhere in the store!

 Old photos from yesteryears....

Wefie at the signage of Tun M's once medical office.

After that, we start our journey to PADDY MUSEUM...

 Approximately 8km from Alor Setar city center.

 passing by Gunung Keriang... 
Finally... arrived!


The lastest entrance fee is RM5 per adult.

The best part of this museum is on the third level... the 360 view... seriously magical! I wont tell more, you gotta be here yourself to see all this... For now, just feast your eyes....

For years a number of imported artists doing some observations on the Keriang mountain and the result ... a beautiful 3D panoramic scenery painting.

We both truly happy to be here....

Our first unofficial tour guide when we first arrived... 

You can see this live at Paddy Museum in Alor Setar, Kedah.

Panoramic view of painting in Paddy Museum... 

Our second unofficial tour guide... 

While going down the stairs...

Sitting with these two ladies at the paddy field... hehehe

The whole entourage listen carefully...

Photo session with some fans.... 

Outside the Paddy Museum... there are some stall outside this museum - so no worry about getting some food or drinks or merchandise!

After that... we all head back to town area... We all a bunch of hungry hungry zombies people!!

Time to learn some Kedah's language, a private lesson from Marina Mahathir... 

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