Having My Birthday On October

Monday, October 13, 2014

Tadaiiimaaaaa~☆*・゜゚・*(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆ [I'm Home!!]

Any Hotlink user here?

I'm a Hotlink user since... i dont know when... (because i've changed my numbers few times..) but i know i've finally settle down with my Hotlink 012 until last few months ago, when i accidentally let the number expired. I've switch to free basic internet last year and did subscribe for '365' package way earlier which will make my sim card won't be expired for a year.

So.. i didnt want to go postpaid.. i got another Hotlink number... which is the one i'm using now...

But... that's not really the reason for this entry (and few more to come...)

I want to tell you about something OHHSOME [Read : Awesome] and about how my birthday (in November) has come early!

It's start with one fine day in September 2014...

As usual in my daily life, I will be at my computer or my smartphone and usually I would be hanging out on Facebook.

That night right before i went to sleep, during my last scrolling on my smartphone... I found this... Hotlink app... with free credit..

Note : This screen capture was taken AFTER the trip...

Let's Continue the story....

....after i've found this Hotlink app with free credit... 

... now you imagine it with this ads...  

My eyes become large! I can't sit still... I just got to win this! 

She is no stranger to me [ Of course la kan!! I'm the one yang stranger to her.. #facepalm hahahaha ] What i mean is that I know about her work and activities. She is a person of liberal views, a human rights activist who works on women, children and HIV/AIDS issues. She continues to speak out for causes that she deeply believes in.

The most significant thing is ... who the father is! I grew up when his father's lead this country. He is my idol and she is a feminist who I admired.

I only start to followed her 'Musings' online on 2010 and this is the article... Ever since then, everytime i have free time - i'll go and read it. Most of the topic that she wrote, i do have the same ideas - she is my muse... but i won't touch about it in this entry. You are welcome to go and have a look yourself.

 Read HERE [Dont worry it will open new tab]

I know she is a blogger too... Coincidentally, we both participated in 'STOP114A' campaign.

Anyway... i got pretty excited and download this app... It is called Hotlink RED.

This is how it's look like on my Zen5... 

 What's in the app...

 You can setting your account, renew your internet subscription, add your Activ10 numbers or even top up easily...

It's still a new app in the store so bear with it... Sometime you can see some instability (due to the force close and internet connection error) - its either my phone (i'm using Asus Zenfone 5) or that app itself. My personal opinion, i really like it. Anything that can make my life less hassle will gain my vote! (Please dont ask about my political views..)

After that.. I continue to enter this contest at Live.Life.Loud events.

...and shared it at my facebook and twitter.

and i totally forgotten about it... I've been into a rough life lately and i pretty much 'believe' that my luck has run out so i just walk on...

...until another one fine afternoon when i received a phone call telling me that i won it.

Se.ri.ous.ly... i thought it's a prank call... LOL *really sorry for that*.. but after few weeks later, i saw my name in that app...

I can't just tell you how i felt! I never been to Kedah.. and having her to show us around her hometown.. This is so cool!!

Cant wait..!

By the way... a teaser of this trip from Hotlink TV....

NTGravity : "Having a dream is just a beginning" -  i'm not wrong for believing in that... and this is my personal shout out to my souljas Nru and Ee for the camera... I owed you both a lot!

[Disclaimer : My trip to Alor Setar, Kedah is fully sponsored by Hotlink as i'm one of the winner from the contest that organized by Hotlink Red. Marina Mahathir is playing host as she will show her hometown. This blog does not favor any, regardless of viewpoint or political beliefs or personal issues or whatever. This [NTGravity Zone] blog will only published about the journey that experienced by the author. Please keep your political comment about anyone to yourself. Thank you!]

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  1. I used hotlink a few years ago but no coverage at my place..i love my former phone number
    jom blogwalkin'😊

  2. Wohooo! ur one lucky girl!!! She must be your idol for so long already. I'd personally give her a hug myself if I see her (altho i wont know how she will react to that). Blog more about it please!

    1. I almost did hug her...

      Already composed but all photos still have not upload yet... still waiting for my streamyx getting fixed...

      Stay tuned!


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