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Monday, May 28, 2012

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!!

Hmmm... change that!

d(@^∇゚)/こんにちは, 聞いてください~♥!! <-- Kon'nichiwa, kiitekudasai [Hello, please listen]

To Anime, Cosplay, DOTA, Tamiya RC, Manga, ANYTHING to do with this popular Japanese Culture..

♪来た♪~└|▽▽|┐♪└|▼▼|┘♪┌|▽▽|┘~♪来た♪ きゃ~♥!!!!!! <--- it's here!! kyaaaaa!!!

Note: 'Kya!' is Japanese way to express something like 'Waaaaahhhh!!' or 'Ahhhhhh'. Usually use by girls in high happy tone in anime or real life.. (because i know sometimes i do it too! Especially to cute kitty or handsome guy! *wink wink*)

Kyan!me Convention is back for the third year. Previously this convention was held in 2010 and 2011 in The Spring and Hills Shopping Mall which received coverage from local newpapers as well as the foreign press (The Japanese Pop Culture Portal Site >>>HERE<<<). This annual non-profit event organized by a group of young locals. This event centers around Japanese culture and it's subculture called costume playing a.k.a. COSPLAY, which rapidly gaining popularity in East Malaysia.

Their objectives for this convention are to introduce and deliver more information and knowledge on Anime, Comic, Games (ACG) and Japanese Culture in Sarawak. ACG (Adventure Classic Gaming) will be showcased as a hobby that provides youth a platform to sharpen their artistry through keen interest in conventional art, digital media up to fashion design and strategy games. This also will enable Sarawakian youths to further understand the culture of their counterparts in Japan as well as overseas.

Success from the previous Kyan!me conventions had witnessed cosplayers flying in from all over Malaysia to share their passion for ACG with their fellow Sarawakian. It's like a gathering venue for all ACG fans and cosplayers across Malaysia... Cool yes?

Imagine this!! Taken from Geek Night Out

This convention also as a respond to Malaysian's education vision to cultivate performing arts among Malaysian youths by providing platforms for young and upcoming talents in Sarawak to showcase their talents through singing, dancing, voice-over for cartoon/anime, musical instruments performance and many more.

Ultimately, the goal is to build a closer community and for everyone to have a good time!!

So book your date for this convention

Kyan!me Convention 2012
Date : 8th to 10th June 2012 (Friday to Sunday)
Time : 10am to 9.30pm
Venue : Hills Shopping Mall, Kuching.

There's a lot of events cannot be missed!! There going to have Kyan!me 2012 auditions, Scavenger hunt, Cosplay competition, Kyan!me Amazing-Race-like Race and Mini concert... Arashi?? hehehe

Taken from I LOVE ASIA
and i heart him.....
Aiba Masaki... *ppuingg~♥ ppuingg~♥* Taken from Dramamamas


Competition from the Sponsors also will be held such as follow... (trust me the prizes... kyaaaaaa~♥! awesome!!)

O.o Mangaka competition - GempakStarz

O.o Colouring contest - Genesis Copy Centre

O.o Wanko Soba Eating (i guess i would LOVE to join!!) - Sushi King

O.o Junior Cosplay competition - Sushi King

O.o Anime Dai-fan - KimBay Restaurants

O.o Voice-Over competition - Seventh Tribe Studio

O.o Yu Gi Oh Tournament - Summer Tea Company from Bintulu (host along with Yu Gi Oh Club in Kuching)

O.o Vanguard Cardfight Tournament - Moehouse from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

If you a rigid player (Amateur group only) of Dota 1 & 2 or Call Of Duty 4, sharpen your skills because there are Kyan!me Cyber Games host by Gizmo Gamers (Kyan!me Convention 2012 Official Partner). Lucrative cash prizes worth RM2500, SteelSeries Limited Edition merchandise worth RM2000 and Cash vouchers worth RM1000... Ganbatte ne!!!!! Besides, this such activities now upgrade from 'Just-A-Game' to 'Electronic Sport'.. Yeah..! If somebody said dont waste your time in playing game, well it's sport now!!

Kyan!me receiving E-Sport Tournament sponsors from Official Partner - GizmoGamers

In case you are not feeling competitive that day there will be feature activities and gallery booth such as;

Tamiya Car Race (with collaboration with big fan of Tamiya car name Melvin Ngumbang from Kuching!! Be proud Kuchingites!! Bring your own Tamiya because there will be a Tamiya race track for everyone to use, for FREE!)

Dolly Carnet Gallery Booth (visit their blog >>>HERE<<<)

Sarawak Gunpla Meister Gallery Booth (if you into GUNDAM and plastic model kits.. this is for sure will make your day!)

Touhou Project (a.k.a. Project Shrine Maiden - Japanese 2D vertically - scrolling danmaku shooting game series.. Go to the convention and give some food to your brain!)

So... NO COVER CHARGE for the entrance (except certain competition of course!) Mark your calender now! I'll certainly will! (Cant wait to meet and take photos with the Cosplayer! Kyaaaaaa~♥!!!

Thank you to Kyan!me Society and Good Luck!! Visit them >>>HERE<<<

One for the road! Kyan!me Convention 2012 Partners and Sponsors.

My personal Thanks to The Official Online Media for Kyan!me Convention 2012 - Sarawak Bloggers for the opportunity.

NTGravity : Cant wait!!! Kyaaaaaaaaa~♥!!! ♪(*●´▽)ノ行ってらっしゃぃ


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