Photography With Impact 2

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I love photography since God knows when! Ever since, I've had believe photography isn't just about press, focus and snap... there's so much more than that. To me it's about emotions.. and capturing the right moment... I'm also always believe (for now!) that if you snap a really freaking good shot, the satisfaction is... aaaargghh!!...*grip fist hard, shake a little bit...* d*mn priceless!! *yes, read that sentence again, this time with more soul! LOL!*

....CURRENTLY.. i really got some serious issue with photo editors, video makers.... those thing make me - ADDICTED! haha

First of all i would LOVE to express an infinite gratitude to Sarawak Bloggers (please visit @ Sarawak Bloggers) for giving me this opportunity to attend this and of course to Alvin Leong Academy for having such a wonderful seminar.
*please pardon my photo this entry.. using my poor breed Samsung Galaxy SIII Y camera...*

Last month i went to a seminar about Photography Expression, organised and held in Pustaka. Speaker that day was Mr. Mohamad Gustie Noorambia a.k.a. Aiok99, a professional photographer for Dunia Sukan Online and also for Kosmo!. Anyways, the seminar was fun and new experience to me because he taught us how to snap shots and what to capture for sport event(which i was surprise at first because all i hope to learn about giving expression how to snoop handsome guy capture macro-unmoving-thing-and-yadda-yadda...) Simple, down-to-earth man... easy to learn!

Back to the main event here..., i always want to attend their seminars and surprisingly it's affordable RM15 per person for 2hours (with refreshment)!
F.Y.I : This is the second time after the first session of 'Photography with Impact' few months ago. *oh yeah, i totally missed that... (TT__TT) *

Anyways, this 'Photography with Impact 2' is featuring two experienced speakers - Mr Charles Kung (Malaysian Photographer) and Mr. Gerry Fox (Scottish Photographer) with a theme PHOTOJOURNALISM UNFOLDED...*class gitu..<3*

After start off with the academy introduction video, the first speaker is Mr. Charles Kung with his topic on "Photojournalistic Journey". While using his own best - picked photos (even he told us some was a bad one - i still vote it all good photos), Mr. Charles explain the 5 Ws rules (What, Who, Why, When and Where) and many more tips to be a good photojournalist WITH a good quality of photos.

The crowd at 2pm. Well that auditorium is big to fit maybe 500 pax.
While waiting to start.
First speaker Mr. Charles about what is photography and it's mechanism

Ground fundamental rules to be a good photographer...
After we're having a break for 15mins, the second speaker, Mr. Gerry Fox with his topic on Photojournalistic Potrait. With Live Domo Demo on stage, he teach us about lighting in photography. By using lighting umbrella at three different spot (at one time) can make a huge impact to a picture. 

Mr. Gerry and his 'model'
Just snap LIVE from the camera...
He also give us some tips on how to utilized natural lights if we happen to have other than the Mighty DSLR camera. By using the entrances door which happen to be at both side of the auditorium,   Mr. Edwin (one of the instructor in Alvin Leong Academy) and Mr. Gerry along with the Alumni give some hands-on tips and advice to participant. Cool eh?

After that around 5pm, the seminar is come to the end and the MC, Ms. Angelina also  take the opportunity to promote their new program for upcoming school-break : The PhotoTeenZ (check out @ i <3 PhotoTeenz )

Mr Aiok ( from "Photography Expression" seminar), Mr Charles and Mr Gerry shared the same principles which are :
1. Approach the subject and do not just simply shots. Must not continue shooting if the subject didnt feel comfortable or refuse.
2. Do not affect the situation - be neutral and honest (while taking the photo - as photojournalist).
3. If we (the photojournalist) affect the scene - just leave. Example : If we're taking photos of a drifter on the street but they seems not cooperating, we might as well just leave and come back the next day or some other time.)
4. Be as close as you can to take shots of the subject. 
5. Do not shoot once.. Always try to shoot the same photo a few time (i think this is when the Mighty DSLR coming.. faster shutter..)

and my 2 cents..., i'm so happy to be here... 

NTGravity : My repeating new year goal to own a DSLR... still have not achieve! *sigh*


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