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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

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Once upon a time... 

I fall in love to an opposite sex who love to turn me as perfect as this person wanted to.. 
My circle of friends... From head to toe, how i dressed up, my hairstyle, the way i walk, the way i move.. Even the way i eat! 
At first i thought this person is really a self - perfectionist. Well from the way this person changed me, you should get the picture how this person is...

I still remember - we ever quarrel only because i wear wrong style of sandals to match my clothes.. or a wrong colour - from this person's view. 

That's how serious this person are...

When i just about to get the hang of it..., I wonder why all this while this person always changing partners before me... Why the kindness attitude towards ONLY popular or important people.. I just found out that THAT person needs somebody to be used to as 'some'thing... 

Without friends, famillies, lovers to supports that particular person is Nothing! Just a plain and normal like me who do normal thing...

So, i dumped this 'PERFECT' person on the street as i walk away, laughing... Maybe flying... HaaHHAAHaaa

Ntgravity : Be true to your heart...

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