Duhhh Reasons To Get Another Boyfriend

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Buongiorno! [ Good day in Italian ]

After my previous entry [ Cheater, Let me tell you! ] i feel it's like my mission has not done yet. 

This is specially dedicated to the ladies [or guys wherever applicable... ]

Being into bad relationship, a couple of times - I honestly sometimes did not learned from that mistakes. When my last relationship ended five years ago has opened my eyes about some things I should have done long ago (during my relationship).

In the end, I found my boyfriend with other women - after I gave him a big blow from my lefty and never see him ever again! So cool that we never cross path ever since too! *Praise to God*

So for this entry, I present to you the Countdown of Top 11 Duhhh Reasons to Get Another Boyfriend.

•^v^–[ ELEVEN ]–^v^•

When you saw him flirt with another girl... Probably you are okay with occasional flirt but what if you saw him with another girl at secluded place - you better start to question yourself.

•^v^–[ TEN ]–^v^•

When everyday conversation will lead to quarrels which also can occur in public. [EVERYDAY ok, not once in the blue-moon-quarrel-in-the-name-of-love] 
What an embarrassing scene! Being a couple should make you two, support each other not against! Time for you to make a move. Give yourself a peace of mind.

•^v^–[ NINE ]–^v^•

He hasn't got anymore time with you. 
You know his work ethic, you know what he usually do and when his free time but then, he still give you 1001 reasons not to meet up. *Curious*

•^v^–[ EIGHT ]–^v^•

When you dont trust him anymore. 
You started to feel insecure even when he is at home or even with you. When he is with his phone - you want to know what he is reading or texting. 
You're dying to know what is in his email box. You need to know his list of friends. You keep a very close eyes when your man is having conversation with his friend over dinner. When he told you, he is going to spend his evening with his male friends watching football - you get suspicious and even go and secretly check them out. 
All relationship must have trust - if you can't trust him with anything, you better let him go.

•^v^–[ SEVEN ]–^v^•

Continue from reason #9 - after many times rescheduling 'get-together' session, now sitting at dinner table for the last an hour trying to start a good topic. 
The conversation once upon a time at band camp is very easy to do, now it takes a hard work to find the right topic to prevent it from reason #10 - quarrel.

•^v^–[ SIX ]–^v^•

When he talk about future - there's no WE (worse, there's no YOU) included. It's all about Him.. Him... Him...
- He is planning to buy a house - so that his male friends can hang out on weekend doing bbqs. 
He wanted to buy a new 4WD - because he wanted to bring his parents and cousins (seriously cousins?!) back to kampung on weekend. 
- He even told you that next month he will be going to Liverpool to watch Liverpool FC playing, whereas it's actually something that you both like and planned to do (and discussed some time ago when you both still in mushy mushy love) - remember sister, your name is not inclusive in his travel itinerary.
- When you try to chipped in with enthusiasm, telling you will love to decorate his house (remember it's HIS) or cant wait to cook his favourite food. With awkward smile his answered it, "Urmm... yea... sure."

Try to remember the day you two met - where? what do you do then?

Take, for EXAMPLE  - 

Location : At a bowling alley
Scene : you worked there. 

He always came with his friends - the conversation between you and him is merely,"How many hours?", "Shoe size?" and that's it! 

One fine day, your employer has raised the price rate for games and food. Only those who have paid for annual membership and employees who will be having a great discount! I mean like big time discount!

The membership rate is awesomely expensive.

Shortly after that, he began to reach out to you. Begin with a sweet smile! Followed by asking your work mate to say hi to you when you're not around.

Long story short, since you two started together [dating] - Your now boyfriend still come with his friends but now by using your privillege (let's say it is allowed by your employer). 

He look up for you, bring you out, buy you nice things and many others....

A few years later you quit because you need to take care you very sick dad. 

Few months after that, he started to slow down and the call became lesser. All those sweet text became merely a 'K' reply. Date night become rare!

Clearly, ladies. He's just taking advantage of an opportunity that is wide open.

•^v^–[ FOUR ]–^v^•

Keeping secrets. 
This is mostly if you met someone at social media especially Facebook - do not give your 100% trust and love until you already meet him in person (make sure safely and at public place).

Get to know whoever that person, even me!

The first time he already gave you sweet words *thats so bull!*. 

This is scam modus operandi.. Actually he wanted to know if you really desperate for a relationship. He said wanted to share everything with you but when you look at his profile - absolutely no information.
Note also his list as well as this can tell us who he really is.

Your relationship also a secret!

If he is real and a nice guy but still keeping tons of secrets and he will get angry for certain thing such as if you open his 'top' drawer or get really pissed off if you touch his phone... Red Flag!!

•^v^–[ THREE ]–^v^•

Everybody against your love. 
If one or two person, i called it - challenge (or maybe jealous) but if most of all your friends and family dislike him. You gotta hear them too, you know.
You do not need to split up right that moment but give yourself some space and see it from another perspective. If it is true what they say, you know what to do, right?

•^v^–[ TWO ]–^v^•

He tends to forget certain details about you or refuse to bring you to public. Worse, start calling you 'Honey' but when introducing to friend of him - all he can say is,"Honey, why dont you introduce yourself to my friend?" 

Midnight shows, late dinner, keep going to non-famous places, asking you not to upload your picture with him and etc - just to name a few signals, he is having an affair with you...

•^v^–[ ONE ]–^v^•

When 'I Love You Too' became shorten to 'Me too' or 'Urm... Thanks.' or 'K' <--- WTF! Need me to say more?

* * * * *

That's it from me... again this is based on my own personal opinion and experiences. YOLO - you only live once, you can try it yourself...

NTGravity : [ In Malay ] Nasihat aku yang terakhir jangan bercinta dengan kekasih/suami/isteri/boyfriend/girlfriend orang - jangan bagi alasan tak berdaya melawan takdir. PUIHHH~!! Semua tuh atas kehendak sendiri. Jangan nak bagi alasan.

Kalau dah jodoh - nikahi dia secepat mungkin - itu baru betul tapi pastikan dengan betul. Jangan sebarang!


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