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Monday, November 04, 2013


I was once asked why I blog?

It's started in the somwhere in 2003/04,  as i'm in my project - building new website about my job that time. In the same time, i'm so in love aka current interest with this two guys i create a site for them. It's about my man 'Jerry Yan' & 'Kaneshiro Takeshi' and when it's open to view - it's like sanctuary for Jerry Yan's fans because it's in English while mostly others doing it in Japanese or in Mandarin or other Chinese language. I don't know where or what went wrong but i believed my free site has been hacked by so-called 'Anti Jerry Yan' and the whole site vanished except some Chinese words on the main page and a skull! Even after numerous times referring to the developer, nothing much they do but ask me to re-do it again.

2004, again, i've try to rebuilding new site about my man 'Jerry Yan' & 'Kaneshiro Takeshi' and also about my job (that time... as a bartender). It's almost 75% done. It's everything i can think about, i've poured my heart and soul. One fine day, my ideas..., my creations, my pages....

has lost because my pc jammed and CRASHED!! facepalm! 🀦🏽‍♀️

...stupid old-school pc!!

Really, i was SO down i've raised white flag and stop doing site at all [so far as i concern - blog just about to start at this year.. maybe in Malaysia..]

Somewhere around September 2004 - i register under Blogger.com but kind of lost my sense of direction about what genre if i want to start blogging. I just register but hide the blog from public.

Until few months later, i was in the state of uncertainty and i needed a place where i can let go my rant without anybody care or judge or whatever. It's works wonder.

That's how NTGravity Zone Started.. If you want to read my first entry ever  [Click HERE]

Taken from my HisHerstory page [ Read HERE ]

9th Anniversary last September 2013
NTGravity : I love being a blogger... and so far.. i love Blogger....

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