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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Salam 1Malaysia...

To those who just arrived to my blog, WELCOME TO NTGravity Zone (Read: Anti Gravity Zone)!!! If you miss the series of my beautiful trip to Mukah division please click on the links below ... This going to be my last entry for Kembara Media 2012 to Mukah division. (Sad.... (TT__TT))

Sneek Peek [ HERE ]

Day One [ HERE ]

Day Two [ HERE ]

Day Three [ HERE ]

*.:。✿*゚゚・✿.。.:* NTGRAVITY ZONE TRAVELOGUE DAY FOUR STARTED *.:。✿*゚゚・✿.。.:*

13th July 2012

Morning...!! Today Kembara Media delegates will going back to Kuching via Sibu (some might stay or stay back in Sibu while our little petite fellow blogger Hilda's flight to Bintulu around 2pm..)

Wake up early around 5am as we must already at the bus at 7am.. All bag are packed last night so no rushing..

Breakfast only starts at 6:30am - so i took the opportunity to have a slow walk around the hotel... (Trying to cherished everything... <-- sorry i'm very emo person... huhu


By 6:30am mostly everybody already here... Breakfast time...

Gonna miss this... Good bye Mukah's Tuna Spread... LOL!!
Good bye Mukah... Thank you for everything... (TT__TT)
Non edited - Halo... *nice yes?*
Good bye Sibu...
Non edited - 'Someday over the rainbow' really exist.. *LOL*
Time fly so fast.. Reach Kuching at 12noon *Home Sweet Home*
I think is a noble effort from the Department of Information Malaysia, Sarawak as it give wide publicity to the development of that particular place, like now - Mukah. Personally, if i was not invited (and applied and accepted via Sarawak Bloggers...) - God knows when will i eventually have the opportunity to get to know about Mukah. All this while i just know Kaul Festival & umai as it is - nothing personal! This programme also will strengthen the relationship between media practitioners with local residents, leaders of government and Department of Information Malaysia. As far as i know, Kembara Media also held in Peninsular Malaysia. How good is that! *Kudos to the Government for having this activity.* 

I will cherished this experience as i can meet new friends, especially other bloggers and also to be together with other media partners.

In my opinion, the development in Mukah is important because it not only will be the a Smart city in future, in terms of tourism is also emphasized - a lot of historical value can be further studied and preserved for future generations.

I would conveyed my GRATITUTE to...

1.  Department of Information Malaysia, Sarawak for this picturesque programme.. Hope i could join this programme again.

2. YB. Dato' Seri Muhammad Leo Toyad, Mukah P. 213's MP - Thank you for the big package of Kuih Sepit!!

3. Mukah Resident Office

4. Dalat District Office

5. Kuala Oya 1Malaysia Community and Dalat 1Malaysia Community  

6. Mukah Power Generation Management

7. Press Metal Berhad Management

8. Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) Mukah

9. Kampung Judan 1Malaysia Community - Traditional snacks processing center.

10. Kampung Tutus Hilir's farmers organizations - Tebaloi processing center.

11. Lamin Dana, Mukah

12. Sarawak Bloggers

*.:。✿*゚゚・✿.。.:* NTGRAVITY ZONE TRAVELOGUE DAY FOUR END *.:。✿*゚゚・✿.。.:*

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