Monoloque at The Highest Party in Kuching

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Monoloque and Sarawakian talents at The Highest Party in Kuching...

Highest partayy in Kuching alright!!

My previous entry about Monoloque : Jelajah Jejak Tanah but i cant say much due to my freaking keyboard having some cold war with me... Hahaha... *Alasan!!! <--- saya mengaku!*

Firstly i would love to conveyed my Many Thank You to BEST Solutions and Otto Event especially to Mr. Salleh Mohidin and Ms. Aelma Zaidi for the invitation, not forgetting their Crews for their friendly treat during this event.

BEST Solutions Facebook >>> HERE <<<
Otto Event Facebook >>> HERE <<<

This event is a collaboration between BEST Solutions and Otto Event that aims to provide platforms for the society to engage themselves with the music scene and most importantly to exhibit their talent to the esteemed Malaysian band, Monoloque. Monoloque, who is famous with their song such as Kekanda Adinda (featuring Attilia), Kupu - kupu Malam (Bunyikan Semboyan), Batu Belah Batu Konkrit (featuring Azlina Aziz) and Tiada Kata Seindah Bahasa (this is my favourite~!) has inspired many young musicians and songwriters alike the past decade.

The highlights include the launch of Monoloque's new album, Jejak Tanah, lucky draws and showcasing local entrepreneurs.BEST Solutions also organizing this charity concert to raised funds for the Persatuan Ibu Tunggal Sarawak that held at Restoran 1 Co-Op, Civic Centre from 4pm until late.

A little bit about Monoloque, is band that produces songs to revive the original true Malay songs through inspiration from Tan Sri P. Ramlee and R. Azmi.
*Betul betul little bit kan.. hahaha... Gomen ne.. Saya budak baru belajar jugak...*

Visit them at Monoloque's website >>> HERE <<< or their Facebook >>> HERE <<< 

Are you ready to see the highest party in Kuching? Please DO drooling... because eight our local bands also performed that night. Honestly, i dont know much about their existence but it's never too late to start now, right? So do you... After seeing them performed, i surely want to get to know them and be at their gig again.

It's so refreshing to see so much talented people and if given chance might go far with their product! If you were there, you will be proud to see this people in variant music genres under one roof... all for Charity..Yeah!!

Here goes nothing....

If you wanted to view the rest of this photos feel free to click

My Facebook Album >>> HERE <<<

MC for the evening from CATS.FM, DJ Budd >>> LIKE His Facebook <<<

First performance from Biru Band.

Second perfomance from After Fall...
Romantic Rights took the stage after short break
Romantic Rights featuring singer from Guru band
Lucky Draw sponsored by Vibrant Clothing

The eye candy...

Lucky lucky draw

Fourth Band performing, Polar  >>> LIKE <<<

Guru band energetic performance.

Party people...

Add caption

Cultural troupe before Monoloque launch their album

The men behind Monoloque band

POP Quiz from Monoloque to fans in order to get the Jejak Tanah CD

LOLed...! Failed menjawab!

Mayze performing before Monoloque showcase >>> LIKE Mayze <<<

Lucky draw before showcase... picked by Loque.


Lucky fella...!! *seriously!*


Komrads present tonight...





Seventh band of the evening.. Trigga Figgaz >>> LIKE them <<<

Asyraf Hardy and Sonar Instinct.. 

Last Lucky draw of the evening....
DJ Budd (CATS.FM) and Salleh Mohidin (BEST Solutions / Mayze)

One for the road...

Them make it happens....
Personally i really enjoyed myself and support this event as its not only to exposed more of our own local Sarawakian talented musicians to pursuing their dreams but also the organizer promote charitable efforts to raise awareness. *SALUTE!!*


You better be....

NTGravity : Need to socialize more... seriously!! *facepalm* LOL!!


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