Monoloque : Jelajah Jejak Tanah

Friday, July 06, 2012

Oh adiwira, dewataku, mari ikut cara Dinda
Oh Tun Teja, intan permata, mari ikut cara Kanda.....

Sound familiar...?

Monoloque now is in Kuching for the launching their new album "Monoloque Jejak Tanah". 

Monoloque is a band that produced songs to revive the original true Malay songs through inspiration from Tan Sri P. Ramlee and R. Azmi. In conjuction of launching thier first album Jejak Tanah, it will ignite spirit into our Sarawak youth to appreciate their own heritage and culture. 

* I would love to extend my Thank You to Mr. Salleh Mohidin & Ms Aelma Zaidi from Best Solutions for the invitation... * >>> Visit them here <<<

Tomorrow (7th July - Saturday) from 4pm - 12pm there's an event with MONOLOQUE and 8 other local bands will perform for Monoloque Jejak Tanah Charity Gig for Persatuan Ibu Tunggal Sarawak organized by BEST Solutions and Otto Events. Support this healthy event to raise funds for Persatuan Ibu Tunggal Sarawak. 

This event also supported by Ministry of Social Development and CATS.FM to promote our local music talents and the same time, to improve the social community development amongst youth..

Come and support this event as well as getting up close (maybe personal.. depend on your luck! haha) with this five man behind Monoloque band.....

Ticket sold at RM25 at the door.... Get your gig gear ready party people!! Location... Restaurant 1 Co-Op (Civic Centre)
Local bands are Mayze, Polar, Asyraf Hardy and Sonar Instict, Guru, Iris Band, After Four, Romantic Rights and Triggaz Figgaz.... 

There will be lot of activities during this event such as meet and greet session with the bands, lucky draw, photo sessions and more.Local youth entrepreneurs such as Blank Skript, Vibrant Clothing, Orang Kampong and  The Collective.


Monoloque Jejak Tanah... 

4pm onward... 

Be there....!

The highest party in Kuching!

I give more story tomorrow... my keyboard killing me....

NTGravity : Support our local band.... our local music industry.... our people..... Yes?


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