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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Done with Post-Gawai Showcase and Jelajah Jejak Tanah... It's time for Mukah!

I would like to express my gratitude to Jabatan Penerangan Malaysia, Sarawak for the invitation and to Sarawak Bloggers for the opportunity.

It's been two years since my last visit to Mukah and i'm looking forward for this programme. There will be 30 participants from various media and four of them are my fellow bloggers from Sarawak Bloggers.
*Lift my vibes real high to finally meet them in person*

Today is the briefing. We're given the programme, our ticket and Kembara Media bag... After briefing, breakfast is served followed by photo session. 

Taken from D'Pro A'nas

Insya Allah, Mukah.. here i come...!!

NTGravity : Excited mode!


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4 Rants Found

  1. wow best eh pegi mukah...mudah2an ada rezeki pergi siya dgn family...especially time Kaul haha

  2. @AdiHerman Alhamdullillah, rezeki... Mudahan dapat ngan family pergi... dengar pesta kaul ngan paling ngam pegi... tapi hotel mok book awal...

  3. serious ya...byk kwn mek mdh kedak ya jak ko hahaha

  4. plan... plan.... kmk pun teringin juak mok g esta kaul... dengar nang berkaul kaul dak geng kmk pegi sia... hahahahah


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