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Friday, July 20, 2012

Salam 1Malaysia... 

*Super Massive photos ahead.. ✿ grin ✿ *

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12th July 2012

Wake up around 6:30am and get ready to go down at Seri Setia Cafe for breakfast around 7am. Again, i'm the first one arrived... *Me and my food fetishes! Lalala~*
see...?? lots of tuna spread and over toasted breads... i'm so hooked! hahahaha
Around 7:30am most of media delegates came staggered and mostly they already planning to go out for some photography session or some might want to go for some shopping (majorly for fresh umai takeaway!) after the breakfast because our first activity will only begin at 9:30am.

Our first visit was to Traditional Snacks Processing Center at Kampung Judan. We going to learn on how to do Kuih Sepit (Love-letter?)
Arrived at Pusat Memproses Kuih Asli, Kampung Judan - traditional snacks processing center. This community project  was funded by Department of Agriculture.
First step to produce Kuih Sepit (love-letter (....?) )  - peel off coconut from it's shell.. 
grind it....
add an adequate water before squeeze it to obtain thick coconut milk
add coconut milk to flour and eggs... mixed it well....
it's done... and ready to be cook!
place a little batter on hot plate before press it
the look from a distance...
the look of it after few seconds
quickly using this split stick to roll it.. tight and neat... i've tried to roll it... really shabby! LOL!
listen carefully.....! 
Fellow media - (from left) Harrison Petrus Langi ( ), Yu Ji (The Star),  Normala Juatan (National Policy Publications Division), Wee Hui Zheng (in black - See Hua Daily) and Garret Dawum (Utusan Sarawak) having their session with the community representatives  
Food tasting by Fauziah Pauji (from National Policy Publications Division) *..nak join~!!*
to be feast on... *banzaaiii~!!*
Representatives from the community - friendly Haji Merican
In blue shirt - Muhd Amirul Faiz Ahmad (from Berita Harian) gathering info about producing kuih sepit using machine.
Demonstration using machine
Buy some to bring back to Kuching... Just RM1 per pack..!
Smile and Peace...
Desmond Davidson (from New Straits Times)...
Caroline Jackson (BERNAMA) interviewing 1Malaysia Community Leader, Kampung Judan - the super friendly Mr Jara-ee.
One for the road....
Our next stop Pusat Memproses Tebaloi at Kampung Tutus Hilir.
Greet by my original and alive message tone....!! *LOL!*
Tebaloi (Sago Crackers) processing center.. 
one step closer before we can eventually eat it.... bake!
so skillfully cutting the tebaloi in exact size!
"I want five!" probably NOT saying by Nur Farhana Mohammad Joni (Utusan Malaysia)
refining works....
will be baked for 3minutes, then peel off the banana leaf and cut to appropriate size before final baked again...
Neat.... ready to be export!
direct sales with various flavour....
Packed nicely.
Interviewed by TV3 
they have halal certification.. so dont doubt it!
sampling product fresh from oven!

Our last visit was to a homestay, Lamin Dana in Kampung Tellian Jaya...
Visit them at their Facebook [ HERE ]
Live telecast from Lamin Dana's facebook... *how sweet!*

Sago palms pushed by a boat... 
Lamin Dana is right next to a small river in the village name Kampung Tellian Jaya.. You have to pass through the village first.. Nice!
Although the window open widely but it already covered with mosquito net.. no worries..!
Music equipment on display...

do you ever see a crab? Blue crab to be exact?
This photo captured by Senpai Nadim Bokhari (from New Straits Times) and published  on the same day! *tabiklaaa..!!*
The room - so peaceful also very suitable for honeymooners
The owner of Lamin Dana - but she was not in Mukah at this moment.
Ready to answer some questions...
Ol' school TV....
Desmond Davidson from New Straits Times looks like ready to check in.. hahaha
Sarawak Bloggers Rocks! From left - Hilda (Being Hildalalida), Effadylia (, Senpai Awang Kassim (Kuching's Daily Photo)
You might can't see it but it's actually an old grave (more than 100 years) called 'Kubur Gantung' (Read: Hanging Grave)
A little bit about Kubur Gantung (from the elderly) believe that this tomb was built hanging due to natural disasters in the area such as floods and to avoid the deceased from drifted away so the local residents took the initiative to build the hanging graves. This hanging grave usually made ​​of Belian wood with four columns - 6 feet off the ground.  
Restaurant right next to the homestay building
Jerunai (aged more than 200 year old) is a tomb for nobles in the past. 
A little info about Jerunai - Jerunai made ​​from a large and mature Belian tree. It is well-known that Belian wood is high durablity. Usually two or three holes will be drilled in the pole of Jerunai. Central hole mainly to place the bodies or bones of the deceased and also other valuable items as 'a supply' in the other world. While the other holes usually were reserved to slaves or those who are specially selected by the deceased during his life <-- they will be hang 'til death once the Jerunai is erected.

On the outside pole of Jerunai usually carved beautifully with animal motifs such as dragons, tigers, snakes, rats or so according to the owner. Similarly, the height Jerunai also represent the position and prestige of the owner. There are also carved with motifs of natural flora or fruit such as pineapple and so forth. Normally, the height is 12 meters to 15 meters. Jerunai can only be done by those who are skilled, strong and high spirits to be qualified to make, carve and erect Jerunai. This work takes about 15 to 30 person and those people must be a Melanau.

Before Jerunai is erected, traditional songs will be sing to be heard to all, then a hole will be dug to accommodate the pole. Before the ceremony uphold Jerunai done, first they will dig a hole as deep as two meters at the determined place and hold a special ritual to bless the spirit of their efforts. A servant will be thrown into the hole where Jerunai will be driven into the ground. At this point, the melancholy atmosphere surrounding the royal family and slaves as wailing and loud cry is heard in the tomb as a symbol of peace to the soul of the deceased come to another world and does not disturb those who are still alive.

*creepy yeah? but very interesting... i wish to learn more about this Jerunai as to-date only left few in Kampung Tellian...*
there still visible carving on this tree
live in the pole now a flock of bats *sleeping*

Just coming back from school
*Janganlah malu...!! hehe*
till that extent??? *Well, creativity is no boundaries*
For you....
We all then having our lunch at the hotel and then it's own leisure activity until 7:30pm.

Around 3:30pm : Walk around the old town for the last time .... At first I decided to strolled solo around Mukah town but meet fellow media (Senpai!!) along the way and joined them instead... Learn lots from them! Funny bunch of guys! *By the way, Thanks for the Teh Tarik & Roti Kawin!!*

Sago Factory Chimney... Look from afar just like a fort
food court famous with ABC (Ais Batu Campur  : Read : Shave Ice )
Both are landmarks for Mukah town
At the old market
Long time didnt see this style of petrol pump....

Looks like they are planning to ditch me... *LOL~!*
Haha... friendly fishmonger...
Blue crab... Blue Prawn!! 
'Otai' in photography ahead....

Next to Sago old chimney

healthy recreational activities by local youth
By 7:30pm we were brought to the Department of Information Mukah's office for bbq dinner hosted by Director of Department of  Information Malaysia, Sarawak. *Yay!! I love BBQ!!*

BBQ mood!

Playing games.... *F.Y.I. None of they hearts are broken due to this game.. Ngeehh~!!*
Corny game but real fun watching them gobble it by using just one hand!
the guys seems so ready to go! *Public Announcement : I'm so sorry, Effa - i'm so poor in eating corns from the cob... i usually will scrape with knife.. (with some butter and a little bit salt...*drooling!!*) huhu~*
Ganbatte!! Ngappp!!
Go ladies!!
It's makan time!
Food... food... food...
Unexpectedly good... Amir Hafiz singing a song from the Late Boery Marantika~!! *phewwiitt!*
Same goes to Razali Nordin... *tak sangka eden!*
Selected victims to dance poco - poco (in Anak Kampung version)...
Sadly, both Digital & DSLR cammys batteries drained in the middle of the event... forgot to charge and didnt bring along the charger! *facepalm*

Anyways, after that - karaoke session continue - some are picked randomly... some volunteered to sing and even dance! 

Earlier, the MC actually asked every Media to send at least one representative.. We from Sarawak Bloggers still clueless who will be the sacrifice! *LOL!* Although Senpai Awang Kassim already assigned me to go... but i'm so malu *ngeeeehhhh~!!* so i just keep quite and pretend nothing happening.

I thought we were safe when the MC announced that the last agenda is souvenir giveaway by Community leader from Kampung Judan, Mr Jara-ee (on behalf of YB. Dato' Seri Muhammad Leo Toyad, Mukah P. 213's MP *Thank you, Dato' Seri!*)


Thanks to Amir Hafiz and his big mouth.....  

........definitely not safe enough...! *LOL!!*

This song goes Sarawak Bloggers & new friends from various media! Taken by Wee Hui Zheng *Thank you!*
Taken by Wee Hui Zheng *Thank you!*
Last snap as sweet memory. Taken from Normala Juatan's facebook

*.:。✿*゚゚・✿.。.:* NTGRAVITY ZONE TRAVELOGUE DAY THREE ENDED *.:。✿*゚゚・✿.。.:*

More photo view [ HERE

NTGravity : Will be my best memoir for 2012 so far!! *(TT__TT)*


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  1. Ada karaoke juak? wah... poco2! nice! love the shots. :p Saw a few of my media friends also went.

  2. ada... i think the other media already 'immune'... hahaha.. selamba jak.. kmkorg from Sarawak Bloggers still shy2... hhahaha

  3. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun there! Good coverage! Now I knw how kuih sepit is made. Wow, the tebaloi was actually manually cut up, I've always thought it's by machine. HAHA! Karaoke! Fun fun fun. :)

    p/s what song did you sing? ahahha

  4. Hi there Lindy...!
    yes so much fun its kind of hard to go home...
    i learn so much about kuih sepit & tebaloi too... BUT actually only participate to nomm nomm part only... lol!

    me sing....? ahhh malu la.... *ngeeeh~<3!


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