Kembara Media Travelogue Day 1

Monday, July 16, 2012

Salam 1Malaysia...

Previously my entry was a Sneek Peek about a programme called Kembara Media 1Malaysia 2012 to Mukah Division organised by Department of  Information Malaysia, Sarawak. [ Click HERE to read ]

First and foremost, I would like to express my gratitude to Department of  Information Malaysia, Sarawak for the invitation and also to Sarawak Bloggers for the opportunity.

Some introduction about Department of  Information Malaysia. Their mission is to interpret and market the country's policies and agenda to be understood, supported, appreciated and cultivated by the people through the program description. While their vision is to become the main and core 1Malaysia and nation building based on National Principles.

[Read : Misi - Menterjemah dan memasarkan dasar dan agenda negara supaya difahami, disokong, dihayati dan dibudayakan oleh seluruh rakyat melalui program penerangan. Visi - menjadi peneraju utama dan teras dalam menjayakan gagasan 1Malaysia dan pembinaan negara bangsa berteraskan Rukun Negara]

*.:。✿*゚゚・✿.。.:* NTGRAVITY ZONE TRAVELOGUE DAY ONE STARTED *.:。✿*゚゚・✿.。.:*

10th July 2012

Reach Kuching International Airport at 8:45am for a flight to Sibu and by 9:15am check - in my baggage at counter. Meet other participant from yesterday briefing and mingle around the departure hall.. 

Our flight to Sibu
Found it somewhere near the departure gate... Kind of like it... 
Sibu... Here we come!!
It's only 30mins flight!
From Sibu Airport, we're all take a ride to Mukah by a chartered bus. 
Touch down....

Introducing my long time travel companion - Bebear Grey! 
Really convenience.. *salute to the Government!* I'm so impressed with the road! Really, i was imagining the road back when my first time to Mukah using my own car(2009)..., super-bumpy! and now, i didnt even noticed it half way.. i was like,"Wow.. No bumpy road!!" and immediately give a shout-out of this road via Streamzoo ..
Stopover at Selangau for lunch at Selangau District Office. *Thank you very very much!!*

Lunch... Lunch.... Lunch... that might be playing in everybody's mind.. hahah I know mine does!
Whoaa... Mouth - Watering meals....
After lunch we all having a little walk around the small compact town before continue our journey to Mukah around 1:30pm.
Cooperation needed anywhere.... 
Modern shophouses in Selangau
Chicken for sale
Normal life at market nearby
planted, cultivated and sold by themself...
Daily activity... I was told weekend gives more profit and busier.

During weekend batter for this 'Mexican hat' <-- i named it hahaha! can reach up to 7kg of flour (usual was 3kg)
Everybody take advantage to rest...
Reach Menara Pehin Setia Raja, Mukah around 2:50pm and directly to the briefing room for a briefing regarding Mukah (as division) Development.

We are here....! 
Mukah town's landmark....
For your information in this building has been divided into 12 levels which acted as below (from top to below) :

Special Ceremonial Space ::

Executive Office of the Government ::

Resident's Office :: Mukah

The Department of Public Works :: Mukah
- Section Account
- Water Supply & Electrical Section
- Section Geotechnical & Structural Engineering

The Department of Public Works :: Mukah
- Office of the Divisional Engineer
- Section Administration
- Section Size Materials
:: Department of Irrigation & Drainage (DID)

The Department of Public Works :: Mukah
- Section Road & Building
River-River Authority :: Sarawak
Natural sources of :: Board of Environmental

Agam's Office :: Islam (PAIB)
Department of Judiciary ::
Baitulmal Fund :: Branch. Mukah

Department of Land and Survey ::
- Office of the Superintendent
- General Registration Branch
- Land Administration Branch

Department of Land and Survey ::
- Cwgn. Enforcement & Solutions
- Cwgn. Assessment & Information Technology
- Section Registration & Results

Department of Land and Survey ::
- Survey Branch
- Planning Branch
- Liaison Unit Cover
- To Section Drawing & Corporate

Department of Social Welfare ::
State Treasury Department ::

Conference Hall ::
Meeting Room :: 1 & 2
Banquet Hall ::
Briefing Room ::

Ground Floor
Mukah District Office ::
Court ::
Inland Revenue Department ::
Exhibition ::
We have an appointment at level 1...
New friends and experienced photographer... Amir Hafiz (From Utusan Malaysia) & Razali Nordin (from BERNAMA)
It's started now... 
Something about Mukah... 

Mukah is a coastal town which serves as the administrative center of the Mukah District in Mukah Division, Sarawak. It is located by the South China Sea, about 2.5 hours by road from the city of Sibu. Mukah is also accessible by air by MASwings from Kuching and Miri. The duration of both flights is about one hour. There are also express boats connecting the town of Dalat (about 30 kilometers from Mukah) to Sibu. The express boat trip takes approximately 2 hours.

Past History

Mukah is an ancient trading and fishing port, situated at the mouth of the Mukah River adjacent to the South China Sea. Historically, the town was an outpost of the Sultanate of Brunei. It became part of Sarawak in 1861. It is now the centre of Melanau culture, and the "Pesta Kaul" festival, celebrated by the local fishermen in April to appease the spirits of the sea, is one of the major events of the Melanau calendar.

The Mukah hinterland was traditionally a major sago producing area. Of late however, most of the predominantly peat swamp areas that dominate the hinterland have been developed into oil palm plantations.
In November 1862, Rajah Muda James Brooke rescued several civilians from the Moro Pirates after a pitched naval battle off the coast of Mukah. During the fighting, Brooke's steamer named Rainbow sank four perahus (small boat) and damaged one other with cannon fire. Over 100 pirates were killed or wounded in the engagement while Brooke, and his Sarawakian followers, were mostly unscathed.


According to the National Census 2010, Mukah has a population of 43,284. However, this is the population of Mukah district not Mukah town.The majority of the people is Melanau. Other ethnicities are Chinese, Iban, Malay and others.


There are three secondary schools in the town; SMK Three Rivers, SMK St. Patrick and SMK Mukah. There is a newly opened MRSM Mukah. Also, there is Polytechnic Mukah and a small campus of UiTM here.

[ Read More about Mukah via Wikipedia HERE ]

After briefing and Q&A session and hand over souvenir (from  Department of  Information Malaysia ) to representative of Mukah Resident Offices, we were invited to the banquet hall for a tea break before setting off back to the hotel. Before that..., going up to 12th floor which used as Ruang Istiadat Khas (Special Ceremonial Hall) which also access to the outside (rooftop) to allows us to take pictures around the city from above.

Mukah, Peace y'all~!!
New township
Did you see the ocean....? *i want...*
Mukah from 12th floor
Growth.... It's getting there now....
For development 
RECODA building from atop 

fellow media didnt want to miss the chance capturing Mukah...
Reach Kingwood Hotel Mukah. *Yaayyyy~!!*

The location is very strategic as it is just nearby with all basic needs (top up, clothes, food court, karaoke cafe cum bar, KFC, Sugarbun, Ngui Kee Department Store, Maybank, Public Bank or even Gym!) Just few minutes of walking to all the places around the town, old market, opposite to Setia Raja Mosque and 5 minutes from Mukah Airport (by taxi). Few minutes from the bus station - just spot the huge orange building, Insya Allah you will never go wrong... *smile*. For those who in need to use the social networking (like ME!), the hotel offers free wifi which can be accessed at any - time. I would recommended this hotel. 

[ For Reservation & Enquiries : 
Tel : 60 84 874811 
Fax : 60 84 874822 (Ext. 5 - Seri Setia Cafe) or Ext. 607 - Room Reservation.) 
Email : ]

Lobby - suddenly flooded with us... LOL!
Front Desk - the staff are friendly, you can try ask direction from them.
Still brand new hotel...
Guest Elevators
Fellow media participants waiting to check in..
Check in our rooms.. Our sacred place to crashed for the next 3 nights!
Very Sexy basin... 
Basic amenities needs...
To me the size of this bedroom just nice for two. Spacious room with 32' LCD tv, Satellite channels, free bottle drinking water, coffee and tea facilities (refill daily). Free daily local newspaper at the door too!
Our view.... *peaceful feeling*
Apart of Bebear Grey, my other roomies is the sweet and beautiful owner of - Effadylia
After freshen up, we all gathered at the lobby to be transported to our Dinner with 1Malaysia Community (K1M) Kuala Oya & Pekan Dalat, attended by YB. Dato' Seri Muhammad Leo Toyad, Mukah P. 213's MP at Selera Hujung Kampung, Kampung Kuala Oya.

our MC for the the next three days...
Food... food... food.... 
Food... food... food....

The famous dish... a-Must-try.. Umai *it's yummy : from non -seafood!*
Grilled Terubuk fish...!
Very nice place, very near to the beach but better get ready with mosquito repellent...   Those mini vampires didnt give you any mercy... hahahha
practise 1Malaysia in community... nice!

the arrival of YB. Dato' Seri Muhammad Leo Toyad, Mukah P. 213's MP
[ Please contact : 
Mahsuri Binti Ali Basah (Owner of Restaurant Selera Hujung Kampung) at 60 13-5687162.
Selera Hujung Kampung, Kampung Kuala Hilir Oya, 96410 Oya, Mukah, Sarawak.]

nommm nommm time begin!
Fellow media from See Hua Daily (feature writer - Wee Hui Zheng) & Conny Banji (in white from Borneo Post)
What a cutie...!
After dinner - there are activities such as karaoke, lucky draws and souveniers giveaway to us... Sweet!!

Our team leader for the Kembara Media 2012, Mr. Francis Bunchol Lasam from Jabatan  Penerangan Sarawak handed souvenir to YB. Dato' Seri Muhammad Leo Toyad.
What you give, you get back - We also received a bag of hand-made snacks on behalf of the community handed by the Community Leaders.
One of representative from Sarawak Bloggers - Hilda, owner of Being Hildaladida
Taufik Latip from TV3

Effadylia also representative from Sarawak Blogger and owner of cum my roommate!
Representatives from the Community 1Malaysia from Kuala Oya & Pekan Dalat.
In the mean time, grab the chance to rub shoulders with the VIP...
The only representative from Media group... we all too chicken out to come out and sing... Maybe due to tiredness too...
Adorable little visitor....
Another representatives from the Community 1Malaysia from Kuala Oya & Pekan Dalat. Very sporting man, even invite us to dance along....!! heheh
By the way, what is this....?
Around 10:30pm, time to go back to hotel. It's going to be a long journey tomorrow.

*.:。✿*゚゚・✿.。.:* NTGRAVITY ZONE TRAVELOGUE DAY ONE END *.:。✿*゚゚・✿.。.:*

More photos [ HERE ]

NTGravity : I'm enjoying so much... people are friendly... food are so yummy!! Really glad i was selected to join...


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